Jurassic Party: Recreate the world of dinosaurs

Jurassic Party: Recreate the world of dinosaurs

Let’s travel to the past with a Jurassic party. Children have a great fascination for dinosaurs, almost always motivated by film and television. They are creatures surrounded by mystery and have a fierce dragon appearance that borders the mythological and stimulates the imagination of the little ones. Then when they are a little older, they enjoy knowing the different species of dinosaurs that existed and even more, seeing super realistic recreations like those in the Jurassic Park movies.

If your kids are crazy about dinosaurs, they have attended exhibitions, they know all the scientific names better than the Pokemon, they have seen all the movies and they keep books and illustrations of these animals like gold in cloth, they are definitely fans of the dinos. You will undoubtedly love a Jurassic party inspired by prehistory and paleontology. Here are some ideas …


If you want your Jurassic party to be original from before you start, prepare some invitations for the sea of originals. For example, recreate a paleontological mini excavation. You only have to buy cardboard boxes and crumble biscuits as sand and earth. Then place gummies, close the box with a little string and tie an invitation with the date and time data. For the card use green cardboard and draw or trim ferns, the plant that best identifies the natural world of dinosaurs.


Children have an amazing ability to recreate imaginary situations. That is why you can entertain your children by and get into any dinosaur role with Realistic Dinosaur Costume for the occasion. However, on the internet, you will find tutorials and templates to make caps and masks with cardboard inspired by different species of dinosaurs. Nevertheless, a perfect dinosaur costume will give you and your children a real Jurassic world experience.

Footprint trail

The dinosaur footprints are one of the most striking evidence of their existence on earth.   Cut out traces (or paint them with chalk) of different types of dinosaur to create a small path that guides the children to where the Jurassic festival is celebrated.

Snack with dinosaurs

The food and candy table can be decorated with elements of nature reminiscent of that wild world in which the great saurus lived. Use ferns, stones, logs, paleontologists’ own elements such as an old lamp, dinosaur figures, etc. Get garlands and banners in green tones.

Prehistoric food

Making a specific catering for the occasion   can be a lot of fun. And it will provide the definitive touch to make the Jurassic party really look like a professional dig. An original idea is to prepare cookies and before baking them, stamp a dinosaur footprint on top. Chocolate eggs cannot be missing either. You can buy facts or prepare them using balloons, which we will cover with white or black chocolate. Place them in a small nest and make a sign with the name of the species to which they belong, and put the figure of the adult specimen next to it. It will be like a mini museum.

These are just some ideas that will delight any little lover of dinosaurs. A species disappeared but very present in our days.

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