Mom and Daughter Day Ideas

Mom and Daughter Day Ideas

Spending time with your children is important; you need to be able to forget about work or stress and really concentrate on them. Not only is this good for the child, but it is good for you too – you will benefit as much as they do.


Sometimes it’s great to dedicate some time to have a mother and daughter day. Having a whole day together to do the things you enjoy is something to really look forward to. There are a lot of options when it comes to what you might want to do, and since you don’t want to waste a moment of it, it’s best to decide in advance. Here are some ideas to start you thinking about what you and your daughter can do together.


Get Crafty

No matter how old your daughter is, getting crafty and being able to really express themselves with art is something that will appeal to many. It’s likely that you will already have many of the items you need for a day like this. Some examples include:

  • Paper and card
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Material
  • Modeling clay


You might choose to do something specific like try your hand at painting in the style of a famous artist, or creating a new knitting pattern, or you might just get all the tools and equipment out and let your imagination go wild.


Go Outside

Going outside for a whole day is always going to be an adventure, especially if you both usually stay indoors. You don’t even have to have good weather to enjoy a day in nature as long as you have waterproof clothing and boots to wear. In fact, the rain can make it even more fun as you can splash around in puddles and make a mess. Remember, children, clean up easily, and if you wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and stained, no harm will be done, and it will be good for you all.


Take a picnic with you and make the most of being outside for the day. You could even bring a bike or one of Razor’s electric scooters to make it even more different and special. You don’t need to go anywhere in particular or do anything planned – a simple walk in the woods or a play in a park is enough as long as you are together.


Go To A Yard Sale

Buying bargains at a yard sale is a pleasure that many people enjoy, and it can never start too early. Give your daughter a few dollars to buy something with, and make a game of it if you want to – who can buy the best item, or who can buy the largest number of items with the same amount of money, and so on.


Having a limited budget will also help your daughter begin to understand money better and how you should only spend what you have – this could be an important life lesson as well as a fun day out.

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