Pet Food For A Busy Boss

Pet Food For A Busy Boss

If you’re a busy business owner or professional, who has a pet waiting at home for them, there can be a lot of guilt associated with leaving them behind while you go to work. You not only worry about the attention they could be missing out on but also the healthy lifestyle that you want to provide them with. Being able to manage a busy and fulfilling career can often mean we have to find methods of looking after those at home in our absence. If you’re worried about keeping your pet fed while you’re busy working a nine-to-five, then here are a few tips to maintain their health.

Don’t over-indulge

If you find yourself coming home feeling guilty about being away at work all day, it’s all too easy to accidentally over-indulge your pet. Guilt can motivate us to over-feed or overcompensate with treats and extra snacks – or perhaps even letting them have a bit of our dinner. However, this is something you have to avoid. While you absolutely should emotionally reward your pets, and of course, sometimes with food treats, over-indulging can give them a number of different health problems now and in the future. When you come home from work, resist the temptation to reach straight for the treat bag. Instead, give them plenty of cuddles and reassurance. They will love this form of love just as much – if not more – as the treats you would have given, but the major benefit for them from choosing to do this, is that you are helping their physical wellbeing.

Ensure they are fed regularly

One of the best things you can do for your pet is to ensure that they are regularly fed the appropriate food and looked after properly. It’s advised that you ensure you are educated on the right nutrition for your pet, and what their needs are. Finding pet food that is balanced and healthy will ensure you come home to a healthy animal that’s ready to be taken on walks. You can easily find healthy dog food online, which you can order in any quantity you want to keep on standby. Brands such as Lucy Pet create pet food that is full of vegetables and protein – which is everything you would want from your own healthy diet. Feeding them with individual portions is also vital as pets may be tempted to over-eat while you are out of the house, as a result of anxiousness or perhaps even boredom.

Hire daytime assistance

If your main concern is keeping your pet occupied while you’re out of the house, then hiring daytime assistance will ensure your pet is kept active and healthy. Having someone who can take them on walks and ensure their water bowls are re-filled will leave you with the peace-of-mind that they are getting the attention they deserve. You will find professional dog-walkers and pet day-care centers in your area – it’s just a matter of finding one that shares your values when it comes to pet care.

Hiring daytime assistance for feeding and attention is particularly important if you have just bought a puppy. Not only do they need to be fed, watered, and taken out for regular toilet breaks, but they will also need to socialize  – which might be impossible if you do not work from home. Help, in this case, will be invaluable to you.

Budget for the extra care

As previously mentioned, you may need to hire somebody to come in and care for your pet. This, in turn, will cost money. Even if you don’t need to hire the extra help, you may want to purchase a feeder that re-fills the water supply, so your pet doesn’t go without hydration. Whichever option you end up ultimately going for, you may have to spend some extra cash to look after your pet while you are at work. Therefore, it’s wise to look at all of your available options and start budgeting for the extra animal care.

On top of this, you should also consider some back-up help. Who could you call if your pet-sitter falls sick? Who can come round to lay out food and water if your automatic feeder breaks? Figuring this out can prevent stress and anxiety while you’re at work. It means that should the worst happen, you can make a quick phone call and get back to your job as soon as possible.

Routine feeding

Adding structure and discipline to a dog’s feeding hours is really useful to implement. There are many benefits to ensuring this is the same structure every day. Firstly, it prevents them from over-eating and secondly it will help to stop them from feeling unsettled by unfamiliar behaviors. If you are a busy boss or professional who can’t be there to set this structure, be sure to inform your pet-sitter of when your pet should be fed and with what food. When you wake up in the morning, make sure you feed them at a similar time around breakfast, and when you get home after work. This will give you, as the owner, the extra reassurance that you are there for most of their regular feeding times, even if you are at work for most of the day.

Being a busy business-owner or professional isn’t easy when you know you have a pet at home who wants your undivided attention. Pets can be incredibly soothing to come home to after a busy or hectic day at work, and so it’s only natural that we would want to show them all of our love and attention in return. Keeping them fed regularly, on a healthy and balanced diet is just one way that you can provide them with the right everyday care. You may need to hire someone to do this for you during the day, or when you’re working late, but by putting their needs as a priority, you are being the best pet-owner you can possibly be.

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