Planning a Weekend Getaway

Planning a Weekend Getaway

Who doesn’t love a girls’ weekend away? The chance to catch up with your besties, explore a new city, and just have a great time is something that we all live for. They are the sort of trips where you can create memories which last a lifetime.

Organizing such a weekend isn’t as straightforward as it might seem, however. You have to consider everyone’s budgets, interests, and needs. After all, it only takes one member of the party to not be happy with what is going on to bring the mood of everyone else crashing down.

If you’ve been charged with planning a brilliant girls’ weekend away, then here are some of the aspects you need to consider.

Find out what the girls need

Having a clear intention for the trip will give you a starting point for possible locations. If you want to let your hair down and go out partying, then visiting one of America’s best nightlife cities could be the way to go. If you’re looking for rest, the best option might be a cabin in the words or a spa weekend. You might want to do nothing but relax, in which case you can all slip into your swimwear boutique bathing suits at a beach resort. Finding out what the group needs from the weekend away informs the rest of the decision-making process.

Keep the options concise

Once you know the sort of destination and activities you are looking for, you can narrow it down to one or two locations. You should never present more than this – five possible destinations for a group of five people could lead to five different answers, and you’ll get nowhere. Be decisive and concise.

Set a budget

There’s nothing worse than a member of the group not enjoying themselves because they are worried about how they can afford the weekend – or missing out on it altogether. Ask the group to be honest about how much they want to spend on the getaway. Once you know what your girls can afford, you can budget accordingly to ensure that nobody misses out.

Be sensible with the accommodation

While nobody wants to stay in one of the dirtiest hotels in America, by the same token you don’t need to go spending the majority of your budget on five-star accommodation – especially if you’re planning an action-packed weekend which means you won’t be spending much time where you are sleeping anyway. Instead, focus on accommodation that fits your needs. That might be an Airbnb so you’re all one big happy family in a single home or a couple of hotel rooms joined together by interconnecting doors so that you can mingle freely while having a little bit of privacy.

Try something new

Although traditions are important, you shouldn’t be afraid of shaking things up. If your weekend getaways always consist of a trip to the same town and the same bars, then consider trying something different and visiting a new place. That way, you’ll be guaranteeing new and fresh memories for the group rather than just reliving what has gone on in the past.

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