Planning your Treat Yourself Day

Planning your Treat Yourself Day

Although everybody tells you having a baby hard work until you have one in your arms, do you really appreciate how hard it is? One night of broken up sleep is manageable, a week of broken sleep and you feel broken, but when you have a baby, it can feel relentless and push you to the edge of being able to cope.

When you are feeling exhausted, you may not be struck by inspiring ways to treat yourself; you just want to sleep, right? Here’s a guide to helping you plan your treat day so that you can make the most of this precious self-care time.

  • Who do you want to spend the day with?

Your treat day is the perfect time to catch up with friends. However, try not to overstretch yourself and see too many people, you don’t want to feel run ragged after your day. Choose friends who will want to do the same activities as you and at the same pace.

On the other hand, you don’t have to plan to spend the day with anyone. You may want to just be on your own, and that’s okay too. This is your special time to relax, so don’t feel pressurized into seeing people.

  • What do you want to do?

Whether you want a relaxing spa day or a day shopping, spending time doing things that you love and haven’t had the opportunity to do for a while is a real tonic. Stepping out from your daily routine will revitalize you and make you feel good about yourself, reminding you that there still is a world out there!

  • Prepare

Now that you have concrete plans, you can start to get ready for your day out. What are you going to wear? You need to feel comfortable and relaxed, so wear clothes that flatter your new body shape and boost your confidence. Comfortable underwear is a must and you can jazz up your outfit with statement accessories to add a sparkle to your outfit.

To enjoy your treat day, you need to prepare for leaving your children. It can feel like a military exercise, but if you are organized beforehand, you’ll be able to relax knowing that home is sorted. Write the children’s caregiver a schedule to follow – sleep times, snack choices, and when mealtimes are. Keeping your children’s routine is important and will mean that the day after your treat day, you won’t have to suffer the consequences of a broken routine.

Self-care is the phrase that seems to be all the rage, but when you have young children, self-care is not your priority. However, you need to prioritize yourself occasionally. If you are given the opportunity to have time away from your baby or children, take it. Just spending a few hours away from the responsibilities of childcare will do you the world of good.

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