Preparing to Send Thank You Letters? Check out These Tips

Preparing to Send Thank You Letters? Check out These Tips

Thank you letters are becoming a lost art, and yet they are an important thing to write to people to express gratitude for things they may have done for you or for spending time with you in some capacity. Since they are no longer written often, how to write them properly has become somewhat of a lost concept. Below are some tips on how to write a thank you letter so as to convey your feelings of gratitude graciously and sincerely.


Things to include:

Whether you send your thank you letter through email, postcard, or a regular paper mail, there are a few things you want to make sure that you include every single time. The first thing to make sure you do is to address the intended person properly. Start out with their first and last name, and if you are not on a first-name basis with the person, begin the letter with Mr., Ms., or any other appropriate title.

Don’t put in a lot of fluff:

Do not go on and on rambling about different things before getting to the whole point of why you are writing the letter in the first place. Get to the point and write the words “thank you” in the letter as close to the beginning as you can with it flowing naturally. If you are sending your letter in the form of an email, make sure to include “thank you” in the subject line, so the recipient knows what to expect before opening.

Be specific as to what you are grateful for:

Do not be afraid to go into detail and tell the person exactly what it is that you are grateful for. For example, if someone gave you a meaningful gift, explain to them why it meant so much to you and how you will treasure the gift forever. Going into detail and explaining why you are grateful for something that someone did show them that you really appreciate their efforts.

Say “thank you” a second time before closing:

Before you close your letter, make sure that you use the words “thank you” one more time just to reiterate the appreciation you have for their actions. You are then ready to close the letter with a good closing such as “best wishes” “Sincerely” or another common closing of your choice and remember that a handwritten closing and signature is always best if possible.

Extra tips:

Do not procrastinate:

After receiving a gift, advice, or something else from someone, write and send your thank you letter sooner rather than later. Sending it out to them through your local post office, like the post office near Times Square, lets them know you are genuinely appreciative and intent on showing gratitude.


Do not go overboard with the positivity:

Even in a letter, people can tell when your thank you notes are not sincere. Be positive and express how thankful you are, but don’t be over the top about it. Be positive, but don’t offend them by lying.


Be personable, not generic:

Don’t send out a mass thank you letter that says the same thing to each person who receives it. It is okay to have a template that you go by, but you need to edit each letter to make it personal for the person you are addressing it too.

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