Pull Off the Latest Looks

Pull Off the Latest Looks

You’re only as young as you feel, right? Absolutely. But one of the most important parts of beauty is confidence and one way women exude that confidence is by being able to dress in trendy fashions regardless of that little secret date printed on her driver’s license.


There is no reason to be frumpy at 40 or dowdy at 50. You can still wear stylish, current outfits that feel good and look good. But as you’ve learned with age, it just takes some preparation. Here are three great steps to keeping your style index scoring high:

Flatter Your Body

So you’re not 23 anymore. Big deal. Age truly is a state of mind, and if you want to make it a fashion statement as well, you can do it.

You may not squeeze into the size 0 fashions that other women can wear, but you can size garments appropriately to make them–and yourself–look their best.

And your overall appearance needs fair treatment too. Banish your specific beauty flaws with appropriate products. But avoid the misery of reading countless labels in the cosmetics aisle. Instead, check out Highya.com to get a simple, organized look at what’s available for your needs, and to find out what other people have said about them.

Flatter Your Activity

Sitting around looking fabulous all day doesn’t require any special clothing. If the only movement you do all day is walking into the office in the morning, back out in the afternoon, and a few trips to the water cooler in between, you can tolerate almost any garment.

But when you’re the boss and you’re on the move from point to point all day, those high heels will wear you down. Your body language and posture will reveal the fatigue, and you won’t wear the same outfit quite as smartly as those who need only to smile and pick up the phone.

Make subtle adjustments in your wardrobe to ensure comfort. Lower the heels. Favor more forgiving fabrics. Make sure that you can keep the outfit intact if the workplace temperature isn’t compatible with your level of activity. In short, make sure that you feel good enough to look good–all day long.

Flatter Your Budget

A young woman fresh out of college and enjoying her first real paycheck is probably pouring a lot of money into clothes. She’s relishing the chance to buy almost anything she wants, and that feeling shines through when she gets dressed and goes out.

Some years down the road, responsibilities build up. We have kids to think about, homes to maintain, and retirement to plan for. As a result, we feel a little differently about spending quite so much money in the department store.

Yet we want to look trendy and youthful, so we have to be more strategic. Wardrobes are all about versatility. A single ensemble that can be worn as-is and not with any other pieces is a low-value item for what you pay. Look for pieces that you can mix and match; pair a turtleneck with a scarf one week, then with a blazer the next. Wear the blazer over a blouse later on. You get the idea. Investing in foundational pieces that can tag along with trendy new accessories helps you duplicate current looks without having to reinvent your closet.

Self-image is a powerful thing. When we want to look trendy and stylish, we can always find a way to do it. It might not be the way used by women 10 years younger but you can do it. Plan ahead for a more fashionable you!

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