Quick Guide to Ray Ban’s Most Popular Styles

Quick Guide to Ray Ban’s Most Popular Styles

Ray-Ban has been a popular brand choice for celebrities and high-street shoppers for decades. Synonymous with style and quality, Ray-Ban have managed to navigate nearly a century of changing fashion, consumer spending power and catwalk trends whilst remaining one of the world’s most desirable eyewear brands.

Since they were first introduced to the consumer market in the late 1930s, the brand has introduced a wide range of styles and shapes, from the Clubmaster to the Aviator. So, to help you navigate the different looks, here’s a quick guide to the most popular styles of Ray-Ban glasses and sunglasses.


The original and most recognisable Ray-Ban design, Aviators represent the brand’s heritage in supplying eyewear for the US Air Force. Hugely popular since their appearance in Top Gun, Aviators never seem to go out of style and are suitable for both men and women. There are numerous variations of the frames, including different materials and lenses, but the overall shape and style hasn’t changed much since they were originally introduced.


Clubmasters have something of a 50’s, retro styling, with a ‘brow-line’ style. They feature a thick acetate top line with a thin metal frame around the bottom half of the lenses, and they have been hugely popular since their original introduction. Available in a range of colours, materials and lenses, the Clubmaster is a classic design that is likely to remain popular for decades to come.


Another design that has a retro appeal, these trapezoid-style frames are much thicker and weightier, thanks to their complete acetate frames. Originally marketed as a style aimed at men, they’ve become a genuinely unisex frame with options available for both men and women. The New Wayfarer in particular is a good option for women, with softened eye shape and a smaller frame.

There are several other popular frames available from Ray-Ban, in particular the Erika and Justin styles, but the three above are by far their more popular styles, and all would make excellent additions to your wardrobe.

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