Reasons Why You Cannot Compromise Your Number of Hours for Sleeping

Reasons Why You Cannot Compromise Your Number of Hours for Sleeping

The healthy number of hours for sleeping is six to eight hours on average. However, most people sacrifice this number for various reasons. Usually, they blame work for failing to sleep enough. They also blame work for waking up early and not getting the exact hours needed. If you are among these people, you need to stop making excuses and change your lifestyle. When it comes to sleep, having a compromise is not an option. When you need to sleep, you have to drop everything and go to bed.


Changes take place


When you sleep, your body changes. Damaged cells get repaired. Given how busy you are throughout the day, these cellular changes cannot take place. They will only happen when you are resting, and no other activities are going on. The body also produces useful hormones. For children, the pituitary gland releases growth hormones while sleeping, and it is necessary for growth.


Your brain sorts information during the day


Just because you are resting does not mean your brain does the same. Your mind remains busy at night while you sleep since it processes the information during the day. It consolidates information for long-term use.


Lower cortisol levels


Cortisol is a hormone that causes stress. When you feel stressed out because of work and other things, it means that your cortisol levels are extremely high. You need to sleep to lower its presence in the bloodstream. It is why you feel fresh and recharged once you wake up from a long sleep.


It is also the reason why your skin glows when you get enough sleep, and it feels like you became younger looking.


These benefits are not worth sacrificing


Imagine if you regularly do not get enough sleep because of work. These changes in your body will not happen. Apart from looking exhausted, your body also feels tired. Even if you keep pushing hard, your body is not as productive as it is when you have had enough sleep.


The worst part is that it shows in your face. It is why you have rough and dry skin when you do not have enough sleep. It is also the reason behind the dark circles below your eyes. You do not want to experience these things because you lack sleep. The good thing is that for some of these side effects, you can undergo medical procedures. For instance, you can try Tear Trough Treatment from Harley St MD if you want to treat your baggy eyes.


On the physical side, treatments are available. However, in the long run, the damage you cause your body is beyond repair. It is why some people suffer from heart disease or even stroke. These days, even those who are still in their 20s or 30s suffer from illnesses only old people used to suffer from.


Check your average number of hours of sleep per week, and if you are not hitting the target, it is time to change your lifestyle.

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