Rehab Options for Your Family

Rehab Options for Your Family

If one of your family members is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and needs immediate help, there are many rehab options for them available. However, helping them to choose the right option for their personal care and recovery can be difficult, and there are different types of rehab that each offers a different kind of care. If you are looking at rehab for your family member, here are three of the different types available and what they offer.

Residential Rehab

Residential rehab is one of the most well-known types of rehab available to those suffering from addictions. Your loved one will stay within the facility long-term, allowing you to remove them from challenging environments that may be negatively affecting their mental health and addictions. In these facilities, your family member will have the constant 24/7 support of the medical team, support staff, and the community of other patients within the facility, as well as access to activities that can help with the recovery process. These types of rehab are often the most effective, with the ability to ensure that your loved one will not have access to drugs or alcohol and that any mental health issues are also cared for alongside their addiction. If you are looking for added luxury, Apex Rehab offers boutique-style treatments with individual programs suited to specific patients in a relaxing and comfortable environment that promotes success.

Outpatient Rehab

However, if you believe that your family member would benefit from maintaining their connections from the outside world throughout recovery, or if this is their first attempt to receive help for their addictions, outpatient rehab may be the right option. There are two types of outpatient care: Intensive Outpatient Programs and Outpatient Care. In intensive programs, the patient receives over 9 hours of counseling, group therapy and one-on-one sessions a week, including an overseeing of their medication, all combined with the ability to stay at home for the duration of the course. However, with outpatient care, your loved one will be able to continue their daily life with the addition of therapy and medical appointments when they need them.

Detox Treatments

If you believe that any of your family members are showing symptoms of a drug problem, it is essential that you take the right steps to support them. Detox treatments are one of the least invasive options for your loved ones, and yet allow them to combat the adverse effects of withdrawal. This can be especially helpful to recovery if your family member has had a long-term addiction or has been using strong drugs, as this will make relapse easier to avoid. These detox treatments can be delivered as an out-patient, where they have the option of being monitored by medical professionals, or as an inpatient, where they will have access to medical facilities at all times.

Nearly half of US citizens know a family member or friend who has been addicted to drugs. If you or your family member are looking for rehab options for drug misuse and addiction, there are many potential types that can suit your lifestyle and level of addiction. These will all include some of the best methods of recovery available, including talking therapies and counseling, group and self-help activities, and medical assistance.

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