Richest Women in YouTube

Richest Women in YouTube

Since the inception of YouTube over a decade ago, the video-sharing platform has been home to some of the funniest, most entertaining and personable stars on the internet. In the current climate of high social media penetration and impactful influencers, being popular on YouTube has meant huge sponsorship deals, marketing opportunities, and advertising revenues for the platform’s greatest stars. But who earns the most on YouTube – and how can we determine the wealth of our favorite influencers on the site? This article aims to answer this all-important question related to female stars on YouTube.

Rise of the Female YouTuber

In its early years, YouTube was regarded as a majority male platform. Indeed, even recent studies have shown that more men than women use YouTube, while more women than men use other social media sites like Instagram. Nonetheless, the rise of the female YouTuber has been swift and decisive – and now they hold the crown for some of the highest-earning positions on the platform, often more than their male counterparts. In this earning meritocracy, women are coming out on top, with more loyal followers, and more net worth.

Ranking YouTubers

In recent years, and thanks to the YouTube research from Cash Lady, it’s become easier to peer into the financial lives of the women who YouTube for a living. Indeed, when we check out the ranked statistics for YouTubers, we can see that a number of the most popular and highest-earning YouTubers are those recognizable stars that we follow each week. Lele Pons, for instance, sits high in the overall ranking, with total estimated earnings of an incredible $22 million. Women feature heavily on this list – showing how large the appetite is for Womens’ voices on the video-sharing platform, just as the appetite for womens’ sport grows, too.

Net Worth

It’s more difficult to determine the net worth of some of YouTube’s biggest and best celebrities. That’s partly because it’s not just on YouTube that they get their earnings. Some YouTube stars make the step up to radio, television, film, and music, which can dramatically boost their earnings. Others choose to diversify their output, also uploading content to their other social media platforms. And most earn undisclosed fees for advertising and product placement in their videos, which can boost their net worth by a considerable degree. It’s actually to influencer marketers that we should turn to see how much some of the world’s most popular female YouTubers are ranking – in terms of audience size, fan loyalty, and the returns on investment offered by their placement of products in their videos.

How YouTubers Earn

On this note, it’s important to recognize just how varied and diversified most YouTubers’ earnings actually are. For instance, there is always a fee paid to YouTubers who gain a certain amount of views for their videos – paid out from the platform’s advertising revenue. Those who make more videos, with more views, make more cash. But there are also swathes of other sponsorship deals that tend to fly under our radar, making it difficult to actually predict just how much the most popular YouTubers make per month.

These factors influence how we see the earnings and status of some of the world’s most exciting and entertaining female YouTube superstars in the modern age.



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