Rules To Respect When Choosing Fashion Accessories

Rules To Respect When Choosing Fashion Accessories


We often visit websites in order to learn all about fashion trends but we rarely see much about how to choose fashion accessories. It is quite important to learn all you can about accessories because of the fact that they can easily make or break an accessory. Fortunately, following some simple rules will help you out a lot, with those mentioned below being quite important.

Never Wear More Than 3 Large Accessories

Contrary to popular belief, you can combine larger accessories as you tie together an outfit. However, you should never add more than 3. Sometimes 4 does work but anything more would lead to a visual problem. Obviously, the accessories have to match in terms of style, material and color.

Never Hide Large Collars Under Bulky Scarfs

If you wear a coat that has a larger collar, you do not have to add the large scarf that so many recommend. A much better idea is to wear lighter kerchief on the neck and under outer layers. This adds to the outfit and you make the collar stand out.

Be Careful With Full Matching Jewelry Sets

The idea is to use a full set only if the items included are smaller in size. This is not a problem with something like Shop Cat watches that are combined with other accessories that match. There are many people that argue that it is tasteless to wear rings, bracelets, earrings and beads coming from the exact same set. In part, this is true. However, it all depends on the size of every single accessory in the set. When accessories are small, you can wear them together and end up with a highly elegant result.

Handbags Do Not Have To Be The Same Color As Shoes

This is a rule that so many women respect but you should know that it is not at all compulsory. When you have shoes that are bright, it is a very good idea to seriously consider having one handbag that will be in a light tone that is contrasting.

Set Priorities Right

Normally, you need to set priorities straight. You want to choose either eye-catching accessories or clothes that are bright. As you work on style, you have to determine what effect you want to achieve. Try to apply emphasis on outfit and make proper choices. You can make your makeup, accessories or clothes an eye-catching part of the appearance. Avoid trying to get the exact same effect with all of these elements. For instance, it is a really bad idea to use a puffy collar on blouses and add some huge diamond earrings. This would just look absurd.

When Putting On Evening Dresses You Should Not Wear Watches

Last but not least, the wristwatch needs to be used when you focus on sporty, business or urban styles. As you combine the watch with evening gowns, you end up with a horrible result. It is practically impossible to make this exact combination work. You might think this is something that never happens but you would be surprised how often this combination appears.

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