Saving Money on Wedding Costs

Saving Money on Wedding Costs

First, there was love, then an engagement and now you are looking forward to a grand wedding. You have probably looked up online and realized that weddings are a costly affair. The high prices are making you think twice about having the wedding of your dreams. Thankfully, you don’t have to forego your financial goals because you want to get married. Here is how to save on your big day.


  1. Don’t Be So Traditional


When many people think about having a wedding ceremony, they fantasize about the traditional setting. They imagine that it should be a big party in a fancy venue, with a sit-down dinner and several other pricey wishes. Unfortunately, this scenario may not always reflect on your budget. For instance, if you want to be married on a sunny Saturday in June, you may consider changing the date to a weekday date so that you don’t pay a lot for the venue.


  1. Save on Invitations


Are you looking for stunning invites that won’t stretch the budget envelope? You should consider affordable wedding invitations ordered online. Wedding invitations often takes a considerable chunk of the budget, yet they aren’t essential. Take advantage of technology and order cards from online bulk suppliers. Remember to cut down the cost further by picking the right paper that isn’t pricey.


  1. Spend Less on the Wedding Gown


Most brides look forward to walking down the aisle in a beautiful dress as everyone stares in awe. If you are big on weddings, you have probably spent most of your life dreaming about the kind of clothing you will wear when saying “I do” to “the one.” However, many brides don’t realize that the dress is a costly affair. Consider getting a classic gown without many embellishments. You can also shop during off-peak wedding seasons like in winter.


  1. Opt for a Buffet


The right way of reducing catering expenses is to have food served in buffet-style. That way, invitees help themselves to food rather than getting served by the wait staff. The arrangement can lower the price tag considerably because you can use the savings to upgrade the menu. Another strategy would be to find alternatives to onsite catering. Some venues don’t allow outside beverages and food. If your site is open to using catering services, don’t shy away from bringing your utensils and food.


  1. Control Your Floral Budget


Wedding flowers are pricey, yet critical. First, settle for a color scheme and then save on the floral budget by choosing seasonal and locally available flowers. Although tropical flowers like orchids look stunning, avoid them if you are working with a tight budget. Besides using seasonal bouquets, you can save money by supplying your vessels, using colorful natives, and plucking flowers from your garden.


  1. Cut the Cake Early in the Ceremony


Most couples put off cake cutting to the end of the party. However, this is disadvantageous because it may increase videographer and photographer charges. Do it early on in the reception so that your service providers that are charging on an hourly basis can wrap up.


People will not remember the type of flowers you had at your wedding or if your dress had embellishments or not. Therefore, avoid overspending on the day’s purchases because the most crucial thing should be to spend the day with your loved ones and begin a new phase.

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