Staying healthy this summer

Staying healthy this summer

Although the prevalence of employee sickness and absence is reduced over the summer months, it is important that you know the best ways in which you can encourage your employees to stay healthy throughout the summer. By combining training and the best facilities with some alterations to the work schedule, you can enable your employees to stay healthy throughout the summer, which can, in turn, increase the productivity of your business.

Medical Tourism

There is an increasing number of US citizens looking to seek treatment for existing illnesses outside the U.S due to cheaper medical costs and specialist treatments that are alternatives to the treatments offered in the US. This is more likely to occur in the summer when employees have more time off from work, and the warmer weather makes other countries pleasurable to visit. If your employees are suffering from any medical issues, you should allow them to have enough time off during the summer that they can combine their holiday with that of medical treatment. For instance, if they are looking for pancreatic cancer treatment in Mexico, Immunity Therapy Center is a reliable medical option in a stunning location. However, they should always discuss your therapeutic options with your GP before booking any treatment in another country to make sure that it is right for them.

Get Your Employees Outdoors

If you want to increase both the motivation and health of your employees during the summer months, you should consider transporting your offices outside. Being outside is extremely beneficial to the health of your employees as this increases the vitamin D that your employees will have access to and helps to increase the serotonin in the body which improves the mood of employees. However, if you are setting up your office and meetings outside, you should make sure that employees are aware of the best ways to look after themselves when outside, such as the best ways to look after their skin, wearing a sunhat and suncream and making sure that there is enough available shade in the height of the day’s heat.

Check Food Safety

If you are holding summer events for your employees such as barbecues or hiring roadside stalls at large corporate events, you should be aware of the risk of food poisoning or undercooked food and make sure that you only hire reliable catering companies. If you are cooking the food yourself, you should check that it is fully cooked before serving and prevent serving the food if you are not sure that it is safe for your employees. You should also check that you follow all health and safety procedures possible in the kitchen and catering areas of your workplace and that you train all employees working with food about the best ways to keep safe and prepare the food safely.

Check Vaccinations

Vaccinations are more important than ever during the summer when more of your employees will be deciding to travel abroad or going on holiday. Not only this, but many companies send their employees abroad for work matters and meetings, many of these which take place in the summer. However, vaccinations are important at any time of year, and if you believe that any aspect of your workplace or the work that your employees are doing by cause preventable illness, you should make sure that they are vaccinated through a workplace immunization scheme against illnesses such as rabies, hepatitis A and B, and typhoid.

Set Up a Cycle to Work Scheme

You can encourage your employees to enjoy the outdoors during the summer by creating a ‘Cycle to work scheme’ that incentivizes your employees to cycle to work by reducing the cost of bicycles and maintenance if they use this bike as transport to work. Not only do these schemes help your employees to stay healthy during the summer months, but they can also help to protect the environment by reducing the number of people that are using individual vehicles such as cars.

Install Sports Facilities

If you have the means to do so, you should encourage your employees to take up sports by installing sports facilities within the workplace such as gyms and sports courts. This will give your employees the extra space and initiative to take up sports before and after work, giving them easy access to the facilities that they need to take these up. You should offer these facilities for free or at a lower cost than local gyms, which will encourage your employees to take up the opportunity available to them the reach their own personal targets in terms of health and fitness.

Encourage Your Employees to Exercise Outside

This is also the best time to enjoy the outdoors, and there are many sports that your employees can take up which encourage them to stay healthy, including summer sports such as jogging, cycling, and walking which all take place outdoors. You can encourage your employees to take up these sports for themselves by setting up sports groups within the workplace and advertising these around the offices. Not only will these ensure that your team gets enough exercise and stays healthy, but this can also encourage team bonding as more of your workforce will be able to spend time socializing with each other. It will then be reflected in the workplace by higher levels of morale and an improved atmosphere in the workplace. However, your employees should be wary when playing these, and always stay hydrated, wear a sun hat, and take regular breaks to prevent sunstroke.

Implement Summer Working Hours

Implementing summer working hours is also a great way to look after employee’s mental health by reducing the stress of long and tiring working hours, which can be particularly difficult during the summer. This will also allow employees to focus on other commitments such as children and make sure that they have enough time to focus on other pursuits such as sports, education, and hobbies. By giving your employees an extra afternoon off, or closing the office an hour earlier, you will be able to make sure your employees stay healthy throughout the summer.

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