Suit Up For Your Best Mate’s Wedding

Suit Up For Your Best Mate’s Wedding

When your best mate finally decides to tie the knot, you’ll want to show up in style, right? Weddings can be a tough one when it comes to looking good. You don’t want to overdo it and make a fool of yourself, but it would be equally embarrassing to show up underdressed and looking like you didn’t make an effort. Use this wedding fashion guide to make sure you stand out from the crowd in all the right ways.

Black Tie

If the invitation says black tie, you know you’re in for a treat. This wedding will be top-tier posh, so you’d better get browsing through the mens suits online and make sure it’s a perfect fit. A black tie dress code generally refers to tuxedos for men, so a standard work suit won’t cut it. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A great jacket: The jacket is the focal point of your tuxedo. Opt for a high-quality fabric like wool, and keep the colour classic to avoid drawing the wrong sort of attention from your fellow wedding guests. If you prefer a funkier look and generally like to get creative with your fashion choices, you can opt for a quirkier shade, or something slightly off beat but still classic like a deep blue.
  • A crisp classic shirt: You can choose your tuxedo shirt depending on your personal style. If you like a more classic, clean look, then go for a plain front. Men who like something slightly more unusual or retro may like a pleated front, and you can mix up the fabrics if you want to play with texture.
  • Shoes and accessories: Wear your shiniest black shoes with your tuxedo and make sure they’re perfectly cleaned and polished. You’ll need a proper bow tie – match the bow material and colour to your lapel, and add a silk pocket square or scarf if you want to look seriously dapper.

Summer Weddings

If your mate is lucky enough to be having a beach-themed summer wedding or a sunshine-drenched garden party, you’ll probably look a tad out of place in that tuxedo. That’s when it’s time to shop for a more casual but still stylish wedding suit that will look just right on the beach. Opt for a lighter jacket and trousers material like linen or cotton, and feel free to ditch the lining and shoulder pads for a totally relaxed look. Choose a pastel shade for your shirt and any sharp shoes that aren’t sandals or sneakers.


The most likely dress code to show up on your mate’s invitation is semi-formal. This one can be tricky to figure out – you’ll still need a suit, but you’ll look OTT in a tux. A dark suit with great tailoring will be your best bet, just stay away from lighter coloured suits unless the wedding is happening in the daytime in the height of summer. Wear a collared shirt in an inoffensive shade – feel free to throw in a pattern if that’s your thing, just keep it low-key unless you’re sure the tone of the event calls for it. Wear your favourite silk tie and a well-polished set of Oxfords, and feel free to incorporate some interesting fashion touches with texture and colour if you’re hoping to make a strong sartorial impression.

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