Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer brings with it many beauty rewards – beautiful beachy waves in your hair, glowing tans, reduction in acne, and the natural exfoliation of the sand if you’re lucky enough to be spending some summertime on the beach. It also brings with it some summer struggles, like getting sand out of delicate areas of your body, keeping your hair out of your face as it blows in the ocean breeze, and the need to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from the sun. Let’s explore some ways to get both the benefits of the summer sun and prevent some of the negatives.




We all know the importance of SPF when it comes to protecting our body’s largest organ. It’s important to use a minimum of SPF thirty and to apply at least fifteen minutes before sun exposure. If you’re going in the water or going to be particularly active, you need to reapply more often than the suggested every two to three hours. However, if it’s after peak sun hours (around noon to four) you can skip the SPF if you like. After all, Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that we all need for healthy body functions and overall immunity. So, after a certain time of day, just let your body naturally soak in that healthy Vitamin D from the sun.


Acne Patrol


Although the sun’s UV rays can be damaging, they can also do a lot of great things for your skin. If you suffer from acne on your face or body, you’ve probably noticed that you see a reduction in outbreaks or inflammation when you’re spending time in the summer sun. So, spend time outside safely and reap the benefits of fewer breakouts and blackheads. If you’re still struggling with your skin after sun exposure and double-cleansing every day, it’s worth it to add some skincare for acne to your daily routine. While it’s best to consult with a dermatologist to get the ball rolling on overall skin health; if you already have seen one and know your skin type and its issues, search online for products you feel comfortable with and that work with you.


Tanning Done Right


Many people agree that one of the best parts about summer is getting that healthy glowing tan that you can achieve with regular time spent outside. There are ways to go about obtaining your tan safely, however, so make sure you’re taking the proper precautions when you’re spending hours outdoors getting bronze. You also want to make sure you’re exfoliating less often when you’re tan because you’ll be sloughing off layers of skin and your tan won’t stick around as long as you’d probably like it to.




Hydration is key to overall health, but don’t forget how impactful and beneficial it is to overall skin health. While you want to be consuming your recommended eight glasses a day, don’t forget you can get hydration from things aside from just water as well. Summer is the perfect time to take in the seasonal fruits that are in abundance – and guess what? They’re full of essential hydration. Fruits like watermelon and veggies like cucumbers really do a great job and benefit your skin.


Skin Friendly Diet


As mentioned above, what you eat can hydrate you. But what you eat also greatly impacts your health and immunity and, you guessed it – your skin! It’s so easy to access healthy foods during the summertime since they’re bountiful during this time. Going plant-based has benefits far beyond skin health, it literally heals so much in your body on a cellular level. It is worth it to try and go plant-based and vegan during the summertime. It’s easy to eat the rainbow when it’s all around and it’s more affordable when it’s in season. So, try and take advantage of farmer’s markets and the produce available in your grocery store. Not only will your skin thank you for it, but your entire body also will. And, while all bodies are beautiful, you’ll see weight loss and energy benefits eating this way as well.


So, while we’re all so excited for summertime and we’re all excited to get out there and work on our look, make sure you’re doing things to safeguard your skin while also improving it. Now get out there, beach babes!

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