Teach Kids Good Habits Now For Better Skin Later

Teach Kids Good Habits Now For Better Skin Later

Children learn by example. As children grow older, they begin to want their own responsibilities, which is why it’s a great idea to establish a healthy skincare routine at a young age. The more they learn how to take care of their skin at a young age, the more likely they are to continue caring for their skin when they age. To get children interested in taking care of their skin, parents should try to make the routine fun for them. Here are just a few ways in which parents can help children and teenagers establish a routine for taking care of their skin.

At Home Spa Day

Planning an at home spa day as a family is a great way to make skincare fun. You can put on some fun music, make your own facial masks, and bond with one another. Some popular ingredients for do-it-yourself facial masks include:

·  Strawberries

·  Honey

·  Oatmeal

·  Buttermilk

These ingredients all have great skincare benefits and are safe to use.

Parents Should Have Their Own Routine in Place

Even though a young child’s routine for optimal skincare would differ from their parents, it helps when parents take care of their own skin. If parents don’t already have their own routine in place, it’s never too late to start one. Young children often are fascinated by watching their parents perform duties, such as chores, getting ready for work, or even brushing their teeth.

Have your child sit the room with you as you use products on your skin, such as Dermaclara. Take time to talk to your child about your own routine and the reason you use certain products. There are many high-quality skincare products designed for adults that have amazing benefits. Some of them reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hydrates the skin, and exfoliates.

Avoid Chemicals in Skincare Products for Young Children

Children have sensitive skin, which is why it is important to use safe products. Avoid using products that contain sulfates and phthalates and look for natural products. Parents can use mild soap and a warm washcloth on their young child’s face. Certain fragrances may cause a child’s skin to break out into a rash, so it’s advisable to use perfume-free products on very young children.

Children should also learn at a young age that it’s important to protect their skin from the sun. Parents should help their child apply sunblock approximately 30 minutes before going outside. It is best to use a sunscreen that has an SPF of 15 and protects against UVB and UVA rays.

Keep it Simple

As children get older, they’ll be able to perform their own skincare duties by themselves. Establish a routine easy enough for children to do by themselves when they become more independent. When children become teenagers, they have to take extra care of their skin. Sometimes it takes trying out different products to find the one that works best for your child or teen. Some people have dry skin while others have oily skin. Others suffer from acne and other blemishes. Since everyone is different, it could take time to find the perfect skincare for your needs or your child’s needs. Brands such as Dermaclara have numerous products available with a range of benefits.

From spa days to allowing your child perform their own routine; there are many great ways to get your child interested in taking care of their skin. Performing your own routine with your child is not only a great way to bond with them, but it also shows them how important it is to keep taking care of their skin all of their lives. 

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