The best kind of crossbody bags NZ for a professional woman

The best kind of crossbody bags NZ for a professional woman

There is a certain kind of love and hate relationship we women have with cross body bags NZ. There are various kinds of crossbody bags in the market but not all of them are meant for every kind of woman. Some are excellent for parties but others just simply look plain and don’t have the kind of sass you need. And when it comes to making a bag your daily driver, cross body bags are probably the last option to consider.

However, if you have recently found a new job and are in the hunt for a bag that will fit your work life, just right. You should consider crossbody bags NZ above all the other kinds of bags. Crossbody bags are solely made for the working woman. Yes, it’s true. Instead of going for a baggy tote bag or a small baguette, cross body bags will help you with the right kind of balance. But, not all of them are for the office. Here are some, we have handpicked for you.


  1. Messenger Bag

Messenger bags have been around for ages. Earlier it was used by many men and women of the postal services. They are flat with minimum pockets and minimalistic designs. This allowed the messengers to carry a whole lot of papers and documents among other things. The straps on these bags are strong and quite wide. If you are a fan of simple design and demand some space beyond your laptop and your wallet, a messenger bag can be the perfect fit as crossbody bags NZ. You can rock these bags with any sorts of dress, and the design allows the bag to seamlessly dwell in your work environment.


  1. A shoulder bag

Yes, a shoulder bag but, with the features of a crossbody bag. These are very compact and have the perfect rectangular shape. There are enough outer pockets in these things to carry all your essentials. While the large internal compartments can be used to fit all your other necessary documents and laptop. These kinds of bags are best used for interviews and short meetings. They make you feel confident. Their long and thin strap sits well across your body and makes your – walking with the bag experience, smooth. These bags also have a very sleek design with glossy finishes that can surely attract some eyeballs. If you love to have a bag like this as your work bag, then why not. Give it a shot.


  1. Laptop Bag

One of the purest forms of crossbody bags NZ, laptop bags has come a long way from being a baggy bag that nobody liked to a professional extravaganza that every working woman would love to have. The prime reason to choose a laptop bag over all the others, especially, if you are working, is that you need to carry so much plus your laptop. Although laptops have become sleeker and more portable by the day there isn’t a complete bag yet except for a laptop bag that can make your laptop carrying experience stress-free. The bags have long padded straps, there are customized compartments for various boots, laptop, your personal belongings, and others. There is enough room for all your stuff and it’s easy to port from one place to another. In short, if you are a woman who needs to carry a laptop to their work every day, go for a laptop bag above all. It will be worth it.



Buying Guide – Cross Body Bags

Now that you know which bag you want as your daily office driver. There are certain other aspects that you should also take into consideration before buying a crossbody bag. This will make your shopping experience smoother and help you make a decision faster.

  1. Be sure about the kind of space you need: You should take a gander around your things and learn the kind of space you would be required. Are there a ton of books and laptops you need to carry every day? If so go for something like laptop bags. However, if that’s not the case and there isn’t a lot of stuff you need to carry to work why don’t you go for something simple like a medium-size crossbody bag? Just know the kind of essentials you need to carry.
  2. Consider the work environment: You will know if you can play with colors, design, and patterns on your work bag only when you know the kind of work environment you have. If it’s serious and very professional, you need to go with something much simpler like a messenger bag. But, if you are allowed to explode, pick something funky and fun that you can not just use at the office but otherwise as well.

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