The Presidential Suite over The Years

The Presidential Suite over The Years

Have you ever wondered where the Presidential Suite got its name, or how it built its esteemed reputation? Wonder no more, as everything you could possibly want and need to know about this type of room can be found below.


Here’s how the Presidential Suite has fared since its inception over 100 years ago:


Presidential beginnings


Unsurprisingly, it was the actions of a U.S. President that gave birth to the term ‘Presidential Suite.’ Woodrow Wilson, to be precise, was the man in charge of bringing this luxurious style of living to life. During his presidency (which lasted from 1913 to 1921), he would make various political trips in order to schmooze voters, sign treaties, and sit in on important meetings.


He didn’t particularly enjoy his time away from Washington, though. While he was out touring the country, he clambered for all the luxuries he was used to back in the White House. He couldn’t take the Capitol Building away on his trips with him, though, so he sought an alternative route: if he couldn’t take his bedroom with him, he would have his bedroom set up for him at whatever hotel he was staying at that night.


As you may have already guessed, Wilson spared no expense in this instance. Before his arrival at the hotel he was set to stay in that evening, he would insist that he had the best room available and that it was filled with a host of luxurious features and amenities — he would make sure that his room had an en-suite, a walk-in wardrobe, enough space for a family of five to live in, and a great view to look out at.


Post-Wilson era


The concept of the Presidential Suite didn’t die with the end of Woodrow Wilson’s reign as U.S. President. Since that time, more and more of these types of rooms have appeared in hotels across the globe, and Presidents are no longer the only people who get to enjoy them. Now, should you have enough money in your bank account to pay for the privilege, you could go ahead and ask to stay in the Presidential Suite the next time you check into a luxury hotel. If you do, what with the massive strides forward technology has taken in the last 100 years, you’ll be sure to find all the amenities that Wilson demanded and more.


Should you check into a Presidential Suite, you’ll no doubt come across furniture, artwork, and lighting that wouldn’t look amiss in the White House — from decorative floor lamps to boutique sofas, you’ll be able to enjoy it all. Whatever you do, just be sure to savor every moment you get to spend in your suite of choice, as you never know when you’ll be able to lap up that kind of luxury again.


You should embrace your inner Woodrow Wilson and treat yourself to a stay in a Presidential Suite at least once in your lifetime. Whatever you do, just try not to break anything because that could land you with quite a hefty bill!

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