The Right Fabrics Can Make You Look Fashionable

The Right Fabrics Can Make You Look Fashionable

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to dress up for an important occasion and realize all your clothes make you look a little…overweight? It’s pretty normal for women to gain a few pounds every now and then, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to know right? Well, if you have this dilemma right now, don’t wallow in self-pity. There are actually things you can do to look thinner right now and it starts with your choice of fabrics.

Check out our recommendations for fabrics that can help you look a few pounds lighter:

1. Soft fabric

When choosing fabric, pick one that is soft so that it clings closer to your body. A stiffer fabric can make you look more brawn because it sticks out.

2. Sheath

Sheath sticks closer to your skin and will give you a slimmer look. Just make sure you don’t wear something that is too tight for you otherwise it will only highlight your bulges.

3. Wool

Fabrics made from natural fibers like wool will compliment your curves while drawing eyes to your facial features and neckline. Go for a dark colored wool to make your frame appear more alluring.

Other Fashion Tips to Look Slimmer

The right clothes can really affect your overall appearance. Pick an outfit that will flatter your figure so you’ll feel more confident about yourself. Here are other tips to help you look slimmer in your clothes:

1. Pick the right colors.

Black can make your body appear smaller but it’s not the only color for this purpose. Anything dark will work just fine. Stay away from bright colors because wearing them can draw the eye to the bulges in your body.

2. Stay away from big patterns.

Busy, large patterns can make anyone look bigger and also adds girth to your belly. Pick patterns that are simple and if possible, avoid patterns completely. Go for a solid color.

3. Avoid horizontal stripes.

Clothes that have horizontal stripes will make your body appear even wider but it doesn’t mean you have to throw away all garments with horizontal stripes. You can still use horizontal stripes in areas of your body that aren’t big or thick. To be safe, go with vertical stripes, which make your body appear longer and slimmer.

4. Wear clothes for your shape and size.

You may have a hard time saying good bye to those $200 jeans you bought last summer but if you have gained 10lbs, there’s no sense forcing yourself to wear it and end up with a tummy pooch.

5. Wear shape wear.

Shapewear is a godsend. And no they’re nothing like your grandma’s girdle! The ones you can buy nowadays are discrete and sexy, and you can choose from camisoles, tank tops, slips and many others. Wearing shape wear will hide the bulges and will make you look like you’ve lost 5 pounds instantly!

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