There Are 8 Reasons to Justify That Jeans Are Better Than All of Your Pants

There Are 8 Reasons to Justify That Jeans Are Better Than All of Your Pants

If you request someone to tell you about their preferred type of bottoms, there is 95% chance that people will come up with the word jeans. Now, surely jeans are not the most comfortable bottoms available in the market, yes we are looking at you sweatpants! Nonetheless, jeans are very versatile and can go with almost any top you use, be it fancy or simple. People don’t really have to care about denim, you simply slip them on with a decent top and you are good to go, also we should keep in mind that it doesn’t require much care as well.

There are various factors that justify that jeans are much better than other bottoms you own. It is a timeless staple which doesn’t need much doodling with. Many retailers now have hiked up their jeans game and you can find jaw-slackening pair of jeans at Lyst. So, in a world of legging, pants, skirts and so much more, a jean is your best buddy and we’ll tell you why.

The Options Are Limitless

No one ever said having too many selections in fashion was bad, so the interesting thing to note is gone are the days of those straight, wide-legged jeans. The shops are thriving with boyfriend jeans, bell bottom jeans, mom jeans, skinny jeans and so much more. No doubt these labels are way too perplexing but you should throw a punch in the air because you are able to pick jeans according to the length and health of your legs, high-five!

They Are Long-Lasting than Others

At this statement, you might prick up your nose haughtily but yes we are right on point. Jeans have an impressive longevity period and they do not get ripped or faded for a long time. Everybody knows that the more you wash your jeans, the more wrecked they will get in the process. So, discard the thought of pampering your jeans after every use because that is just impractical.

They Have Versatility

I should better say you can get away with wearing jeans at work and No, that isn’t a lie. If you have a darker and sleeker pair of jeans with you, nobody will even give a second glance to judge the texture. Also, wearing the right top and accessories you simply take the focus away from your jeans but yes, you will feel very comfy the entire day.

Your Butt Looks Sexy

Ahem! Believe it or not, we just had to say it. This is the first thing you notice when you try on jeans, yes; it enhances the shape of your butt and hugs your body just at the right places. If you have a lithesome figure, jeans can assist you wonderfully, to bring out your body’s natural grace and niftiness, plus we mustn’t overlook the sexy butt fact!

They Are a Breeze to Style

The answer is most probably no when you reflect upon the fact that you simply cannot style your pants in less than 5 minutes, but it is not the case with jeans. You just need complementary pieces to go with your jeans and let us tell you that girls can make the smartest choice by opting for skinny jeans and a tank top. So, pull yourself together and be prepared to slay the onlookers because jeans have no rules!

They Are Worth the Investment

It doesn’t matter how much you pay for your jeans because they are an investment of a lifetime. Buying expensive jeans is better because they will look worth the value and will be a bigger bang for your buck. Keep in mind that the luxuriousness of an expensive jean is no way near to the one you buy from a local vendor.

They Are Durable

You can put these bad boys through anything as they are late in showing the signs of wear and tear. Jeans are made up of a solid cotton twill fabric, doesn’t it sound impressive to you?

They Conceal Stains like No Other

Splattering yogurt on your black dress pants is the biggest horror you can experience but spilling yogurt on your jeans is not a big deal. Jeans can really conceal the stains, unless if you are wearing jeans of a pastel color, then I cannot save you. So, it again all comes down to the fact that jeans are indeed very durable.

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