Tips for Getting and Maintaining Unnatural Hair Colors at Home

Tips for Getting and Maintaining Unnatural Hair Colors at Home

Unusual, unnatural hair colors have been big with celebrities like Rihanna, Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera for ages, and have also made their way onto high fashion runways. As they have shed their image as something only teens experiment with, or people who style themselves as part of a subculture, it has become easier than ever to find a vast range of beautiful colors in stores, and attempt the look yourself rather than paying salon prices. In fact, many of the semi-permanent dyes people use to create unnatural looks cost as little as $5, making it cheap and easy to get a bold new look.


However, if you want to take the plunge then it pays to do your research and plan carefully to avoid disappointment or disaster! Here are some tips:

Start with Light Hair

Unnatural colors will barely show up over dark hair, and can make for a muddy, nasty looking shade when used on hair that is light brown, dark blonde or red. You need to start with your hair as close to white as possible, and unless you are blessed with naturally baby blonde hair, this will mean using a lightening blonde shade of permanent dye, or properly bleaching your hair. It can be a good idea to get bleached in a salon even if you are going to put on the color of your choice yourself, especially if you have never bleached your own hair before or your hair isn’t in great condition. If you feel comfortable doing it yourself, use professional quality hair salon products from somewhere like Beauty Plus Salon, and make sure you have plenty of good conditioning treatments to help your hair cope with the drying effects.

Use Semi-Permanent Dye

You can find permanent dyes in colors like pink and purple, but when you are first trying it out, choose a semi-permanent color. These are designed to fade out over a couple of weeks, though you can prolong that bright ‘just dyed’ look by using a little more of the color every time you wash, and by using gentle shampoos. Semi-permanent dyes by the popular brands like Directions and Crazy Color are simply conditioners with pigments in them (usually vegetable derived), so they don’t damage your hair at all.

Leave It On Longer Than the Recommended Time

Because semi-permanent unnatural dyes don’t damage your hair, it can be a good idea to leave them on a long time, rather than the 15 minutes suggested on the bottle. This will make the color brighter, and it may also last longer.

Don’t Be Too Ambitious

You’ve probably seen pictures online of amazing multicolored mermaid hair, or beautiful ombre effects. These are all done by professionals and take hours. When you are dying your hair at home, especially if you are new to these colors, stick with just one or at most two colors.

Try these tips to achieve beautiful, bright and fun unnatural hair colors without a trip to the salon!

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