Tips for Teaching Your Children Healthy Kitchen Habits

Tips for Teaching Your Children Healthy Kitchen Habits

From money management to teamwork, there are many valuable lessons moms can and want to teach their children. One of the biggest lessons you can teach them is healthy habits in the kitchen. This isn’t just how to eat healthy, but how to be safe when cooking in the kitchen as well. In this blog, you can find a few tips for teaching your kiddos healthy habits in the kitchen that will last them a lifetime. 


Assisting in the Kitchen 

Having your little ones assist you in the kitchen is a great way to teach them everything from healthy eating to proper meal planning. It’s important to start first with kitchen safety though. From never cooking in the kitchen without adult supervision to knowing which way to turn the pot handles, so they don’t get bumped or pulled off the stove, you need to instill safety in the kitchen into them before you let them start assisting you. Make sure you choose age-appropriate tasks to ensure they are safe and that they don’t get discouraged.


Take Them Grocery Shopping with You 

A perfect way to teach your kids healthy eating habits and money management at the same time is by letting them be involved in the shopping process. Teaching them that it’s better to choose oat cereal instead of the sugary cereals that line the shelves of most grocery stores is a step in the right direction. Also, letting children choose what you are going to prepare, then letting them help you cook it works well, as many children will eat things they normally wouldn’t if they cook it themselves. 


Eat as a Family Whenever Possible

Whenever possible, sit down and eat your meals as a family. Not only does eating as a family allow you to keep an eye on your children’s eating habits, but it also gives you the chance to catch up on one another’s lives. Many families eat at different times or eat dinner in front of the TV. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s best to eat at the table whenever you can, as a way to get in more family time. 


Work with the Kids One-On-One

As you probably already know, things can get hectic in the kitchen when you’re cooking or especially when you’re in a hurry. When you do have time, working one-on-one with each child on separate days gives them time with you, and helps them learn to cook easier and faster as well. Teach them things beyond using measuring cups like how to limit food waste, what composting is, and why keeping the kitchen and house as close to zero waste as possible is good for the health of its inhabitants and the world around it. 


Move to Preparing a Simple Meal by Themselves

Once you’re comfortable with your child being in the kitchen by themselves, let them plan out a simple meal and cook it all by themselves. It’s best for you to run in and out of the kitchen to check on them, but let them do everything from preparing the meal to cooking on their own. This gives your child a feeling of independence and accomplishment. Plus, they are more apt to eat healthy food if they prepare the meal themselves.


These are just a few of the best tips out there to teach your children healthy habits in the kitchen. Remember, one-on-one time is the way to go, and don’t leave them alone in the kitchen until you’re sure they are capable of being there on their own. Cooking is a great way to teach your child healthy habits, so get them in the kitchen with you and get started cooking together. 

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