Tips on how to turn your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary

Tips on how to turn your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary

Your bedroom is meant to be the cosiest place in your house but it is far too easy to let work, food, technology and clutter creep in and ruin it all. You might not notice it but every single one of us has been guilty at some point in our lives of treating our bed like a work desk or dinner table.

So how can we stop ourselves doing this and turn our bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary? Well, we have put together some tips on how to create an environment that inspires relaxation and tranquillity in your bedroom.

Get rid of the TV

There is nothing worse for distracting then sound blaring from the television or the screen light in the evening. You should try and break your habit of watching the TV in bed and have it only in the living room. This way you are training your body and mind to think that your bed is a place for winding down all your senses.

No snacks

Don’t have snacks in your room. Not only do you risk making a mess and getting crumbs in your bed but eating in your bedroom will tell your brain that you are active, which is the opposite of what you want in bed right? You are trying to wind down, not activate your senses with food. Keep the snacks to the kitchen or living room.

The power of scent

Diffusing an oil or lighting a candle whilst you are getting ready for bed can send a signal to your brain that it time to settle down and that you are ready for sleep. Lavender, rose or sandalwood is well known to relieve stress, anxiety and depression so they are great scents to choose to help you wind down. Spray some lavender on your pillow for a peaceful sleep. Holland & Barrett have a great select of oils and scents for you to choose from.


For peace and quiet in the bedroom, you need to get rid of stacks of books, loud colours and that chair that you just chuck everything on to. Keeping your clutter to a minimum or out of site It won’t disrupt you and have you thinking.

Low lights

Don’t have bright lights in your bedroom as it will send a strong message to your body that it is in fact still the middle of the day. Do your best to stick with lamps candles and dots lights in the evenings. It will be easier on the eyes and will allow you relax and rest after a long hard day.

Check out this article by the The Telegraphy on how to perfectly light your bedroom.

New bed

Get yourself a new bed. Just like your health when it comes to good food, you need to invest in your sleep with a comfortable bed. If your bed is uncomfortable or not right for you this will really effect how you relax and wind down. Take a look at Divan Bed Centre – Bed Bases and find the perfect one for you so you get the good nights sleep that you deserve.

Following some, if not all of these suggestions you will filter out all the chaos from your day and allow you to un wind in your sanctuary and place of tranquil.

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