Top 7 Swimwear Trends For 2022

Top 7 Swimwear Trends For 2022

Everyone’s looking forward to summer. School’s done, the sun is shining and ready to give you a glorious tan, and your body’s just aching to be pampered. After all the hard work you’ve done, you deserve this break. But before you hit the sand and seas, you need to have your beach-ready body donning the latest swimwear.  

The latest in swimwear will make you instantly camera-ready and allow you to look great in whatever beach activity you engage in. Today, aside from style and form, comfort is key to enjoying your most-awaited summer getaway. For the latest in swimwear, check out some website like to shop for swimwear.

To give you the newest swimwear trends to watch out for this 2022, check out this list: 

  • Colorful Prints 


When you browse your social media feed or search the hashtag for swimsuits, you’ll notice that your search will generate colorful photos. Say goodbye to plain old boring one-color swimsuits because print is in. Whether animal print, stripe, or floral. Girls are having more fun with not just a pop of color but a splash of it in various hues, shades, and graphics.  

Look chic in an art deco-inspired swimsuit. It’d appear as if you jumped from the runway to the sand with a flick of a finger. Tropical prints in flattering cuts are also the rave this year. You’ll instantly feel like a model because the print will flatter your body and emphasize your curves best.  


  • Metallic 


Dazzle the eyes of beachgoers with the glittering effect of your metallic swimsuit. You’ll be like a mesmerizing illusion, whom people might mistake for a celebrity. Get ready to sign some autographs. You could easily be mistaken for a Kardashian on an escape from the beach with your dark sunglasses. 

Metallic could be the typical bronze, silver, and gold, but today, the metallic trend can also be applied to any color, making it fun and trendy. Pink metallic tankini? Why not? Even unusual colors like teal on metallic can be customized. So, pick your color now and turn them on the trendiest metallic finish to wear to the beach.  


  • Cut-outs 


Cut-out will let you bare some skin and make you feel sexy as you strut on the sand. What’s best with cut-outs is choosing which part of your body you want to highlight. If you have a nice curvy side, select one with cut-out sections at the sides and a metal ring at the front to bring out your curves. 

If you want to emphasize the shape of your bosom, choose swimwear with a cut-out section and crossover straps at the front. This cut-out will give confidence to girls who aren’t too heavy at the front. The crossover straps gather the chest, making it look extra fuller.  

Choose swimwear with a middle cut-out if you worked hard on your six-pack. Nothing speaks of confidence like a middle cut-out in solid color. Let people see your toned abs and marvel at your form as you hit the ball during a beach volley game in your cut-out swimwear.  


  • Belted Waistline 


Accessorized bikinis are making a comeback, and belted ones with metallic hardware that cinch the waist seem to be on every girl’s summer list. It could be a one-piece textured swimsuit or a solid bikini top. Girls seem to be favoring this retro swimwear this 2022.  

For girls who don’t like the hardware on swimwear, built-in belts of the same material tied to the swimwear side do the same job of cinching the waist. 


  • One Shoulder 


One-shoulder swimsuit, whether in a one-piece, bandeau, or skimpy bikini, looks eye-catching and stylish in any body shape. Asymmetrical styles like this can even be combined with other techniques like cut-outs and ruffles to make the style look more elevated. Playing up the one-shoulder style with a bow or a metallic ring can make you stand out from the rest.  


  • Puff Sleeve 


Summer is all about having fun, and puff sleeve swimwear speaks volumes of fun on the beach. You can slide the sleeve down to make it off the shoulder or leave it up for a charming and romantic vibe.  


  • Ruffles 


Celebrities seem to agree that ruffles are the top trend for swimwear in 2022. It’s blowing up social media today with Gigi Hadid talking about it non-stop and the world’s richest man, Elon Musk’s mother, supermodel Maye Musk, wearing it on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition for 2022.


Having the best summer is something you can have with the best people around you to spend it with. But, there’s no denying that a big part of summer is showing off your beach body and having fun on the sand. Posting some summer OOTD is part of it, so getting the latest swimwear for 2022 is a must. Grab the sparkliest metallics or the cutest ruffles, and you’re sure to enjoy this year’s summer to the fullest.


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