Top Fashion Wear on Winter Season

Top Fashion Wear on Winter Season

Ah, winter. A long period of when shorts are absolutely forbidden, your favorite shoes have to stay in for a month or so, and one layer won’t make a difference between you being barely warm and feeling like you’re stuck in a freezer.

Most fashion-savvy people would say that winter is the worst time to attempt being fashionable due to the fact that the pieces that would look best on them won’t save them from coming close to hypothermia and freezing their legs off.

News flash: they’re wrong.

Winter fashion is another gem that has yet to be discovered and used to its fullest potential. Making way for jackets and bulky items, the coldest season of the year is bound to make you rethink the way you perceive seasonal fashion. Combining practical, yet stylish pieces may be a tad of a challenge for a fashion neophyte, because just with finding pieces alone, becomes more like scientific research than a fun fashion hunt.

Fear not, however, a small fraction of the biggest fashion statements in winter wear have been emerging in recent years, making it easier for you to go out in the cold, feeling like you could melt ice just with your outfit.

Missing summer? You won’t, with these pieces:

1. Beanies

Your childhood favorite has always and will always continue to be a staple in the world of winter couture. The staple piece can go with any other piece in your outfit, whether you put it on a coat or just a sweater, and surpass expectations. It has been said that people in beanies could turn heads. Get pieces in lighter shades for that extra color-coordination boost.

2. Boots

No, you can put your UGGs away. When it comes to footwear, winter tends to limit your choices. Boots, however, will work with any outfit that you can put together. From trousers to straight-cut pants, key footwear pieces like Timberland Boots and Doc Martens will give you that heavy-duty fashion support that you’ve always wanted every winter since you were a kid. Cowboy boots for women are also a staple that will work for any season. Pair with slim-cut or tapered pants to give your outfit that oomph. Get yourself a pair here.

3. Aran Sweaters

Throw away your ugly Christmas sweater, and make way for its new, aesthetically pleasing successor. Originating from the land of the Irish, Aran Sweaters combine form with function seamlessly. Available in different forms such as cardigans and coats as well, the marvelous piece oozes of fashion out of all of its seams. Get yourself a piece at You can thank the Celtic gods and goddesses later.

4. Thermal wear

Are your regular shirts not cutting the cold out anymore? Are cold-blocking pieces just too ugly and boring for you? Uniqlo has you covered with their HeatTech line. Built to look good and make you feel warm, the Japanese clothing brand makes sure you tick the boxes on aesthetic and practicality.

With all these pieces, you’ll never have an excuse to complain about not being able to dress fashionably during winter ever again. Happy holidays, and you’re welcome.

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