Top Interior Design Trends For 2016

Top Interior Design Trends For 2016

The new year is nearly upon us, and with it comes a whole host of resolutions and fresh starts. It’s a great excuse to get motivated for that home makeover you’ve been planning for a while. There’s no better investment than improving your home, it makes coming home and relaxing at the end of a long day that much more enjoyable. With a new year comes a long list of new and exciting trends, so why not try to incorporate some fresh ideas into your next interior facelift? Our favourites for 2016 are:

Marvellous metallics

Copper and marble, is there a better combination? The sleek, sophisticated duo go together perfectly, and metallics are rising up again in the world of interior design. Introducing different metallic shades such as rose gold and chrome can really add a glamourous touch to any space, and don’t be afraid to mix and match for eclectic modern aesthetic. Invest in some fabulously shiny new pieces, or have a go at a DIY project if you’re on a budget. Metallic leather is especially trendy and adds a quirky touch to a tired three-piece. You can also consider adding acrylic sheets that can be found in metallic color on

Taking inspiration from Mother Nature

Florals are set to make a huge comeback in 2016, as will animal and other prints that draw inspiration from the nature all around us. Think chic but don’t go over the top. Try to keep it minimal, such as a floral print on a feature wall, or animal print on a select few pieces in one room. Blend your prints into the colour schemes you’ve already got in place, for a really modern twist on an old classic.

Pleats, pleats and more pleats

Pleats aren’t just for schoolgirls anymore – they’re coming to a bedroom near you. Pleated textiles are poised to be all the rage early next year, with top-class designers such as Henredon and Dransfield and Ross all bringing out some excellent pieces. And, as your bed is the main focus of any master bedroom, why not invest in a divan bed – see for inspiration – to complement your silky new pleated comforters and throw cushions? These will also be great for extra storage space, and you’ll need this to keep those cushions somewhere when you rest your head to nod off for the night.

Caring for the environment

Sustainable materials are being introduced into interior design more than ever before, which is fantastic for the conservation of our environment. Think about how you can recycle an old piece into something new, rather than always splashing out on new items of furniture, and reinvest time into breathing new life to a saggy sofa or repurposing an old cabinet into something altogether different and exciting. The planet will thank you for it, and you’ll feel much better having a really unique piece that you’ve worked on yourself! If you need some interest to get you going, Pinterest is an excellent starting point to get those creative ideas flowing. Using recycled materials can test your creative skills and save money too, meaning everyone is a winner.

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