Top Interior Design Trends This Winter

Top Interior Design Trends This Winter

Does your home need a new look? Maybe one or more of your rooms is looking tired and needs a bit of TLC. In which case, you need a plan. You need to conjure up a colour scheme, theme or layout that will deliver the change you need.

Often the initial idea or inspiration can be the hardest thing to find – once that’s established everything can flow from there. There’s no better place to start in your search for inspiration than the top interior design trends this winter. Take a look at what’s popular and see what you can use to give your home a makeover that is right up to date with three of the latest trends…

Testing your grey matter

As The Telegraph demonstrates, silver and grey are popular colours to capture the winter’s beauty – evoking a crisp morning frost. It highlights the fact that Little Greene has devised a new paint collection perfect for a classy silver/grey effect in collaboration with English Heritage, which argues that the colour scheme was used ‘for centuries to create tranquil interiors’. These colours will work perfectly on your walls, but there’s also the scope to look for accessories and furniture items to match – dark wood works well to complement your silver/grey – and maybe even chance to ‘upcycle’ some existing items if you don’t want to buy new ones.

Throw yourself into hygge

The fact that Collins English Dictionary selected ‘hygge’ as one of its words of the year is probably testament to the growing popularity of this lifestyle trend. This isn’t solely about interior design – it’s a Danish concept about feeling comfortable, cosy and feeling happy about your possessions and spending time with your loved ones. As with all crazes of this nature, it has been interpreted in different ways for different people yet it’s clear that comfy cushions and rugs, a quality coffee table and warm fire would all be key parts of the perfect hygge room. Don’t just think of the living room – nothing says cosy better than an ultra-comfy bed to sink into at the end of a long day. Head over to for some inspiration.

Back to the future with a retro room

Just one thing can spark off a really great piece of interior design. Retro technology, as Tepilo points out, can be the thing that sparks off your creativity. If you’ve embraced the recent renaissance in vinyl, for example, then why not make the record player a focal point for one room in the house and use some iconic album sleeves for decoration? Maybe retro gaming is more your thing? Nintendo is harking back to its roots by releasing the NES Classic Edition and this could be the inspiration you need to transform a games room using the imagery of Mario, Zelda or any of those other early classics. This could be as subtle as you like, but shows that interior design doesn’t have to be serious.

So, throw yourself into a fun retro theme, get all warm and cosy by embracing your Scandinavian side or look for a classy silver/grey colour scheme to deliver a fresh look for your room that encapsulates some of the most popular trends this winter.

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