Top Tips for Showing Off Your Summer Print Collection

Top Tips for Showing Off Your Summer Print Collection

Summer is back and so is the season of prints and patterns. Lift up your summer fashion and wardrobe with lovely and fashionable prints and stay in vogue.

Prints can uplift your dressing style and summery mood. Although it is not hard to find exquisite prints, some ladies might find combining different prints a daunting task.

You just need to know a few simple rules for wearing prints before you flaunt your summery print collection:

  1. Basic colours and neutral prints: If you are a beginner of print on print fashion, this is the safest combination. Team your floral print skirt with a soft print shirt or top. The safest bet is trying basic colours like black, blue, white, and beige. These basic colour shirts can be of neutral prints like stripes or leopard prints. Prefer combining neighbouring colours to enhance the look. Also, it is advisable to combine same prints in different shades.

  1. Mismatch print style: Here mismatch prints do not mean two extremely different prints, but similar print in different sizes. For example; you can wear a thin stripes ladies shirt with thick stripes skirt or trousers. If possible, try and match at least one stripe colour. Another excellent example of mismatch print is graphic prints. Almost any graphic print can be worn with another. Similar is the case with floral prints, just remember to match bigger prints with smaller ones. Be cautious and do not go overboard while mismatching. Combining more than two prints at a time can result in a fashion disaster.

  1. Geometric prints: Although geometric prints are simple, if carried out well it can make you look empowering and classy. Generally, geometric prints are worn with solid colours for example; a solid white colour shirt looks gorgeous with a blue and white geometric (square) print skirt. However, a fascinating combination of a geometric with some other print can make your stand out in the crowd. For example; you can team an abstract geometric print top with a small printed skirt or a geometric print top with a floral jacquard print skirt.

  1. Different prints in matching colour palette: A fool proof rule of print on print style is to match a light colour print with a darker one. The puzzle of matching two different prints together will be easy to solve if you are able to find colours that complement each other. For example; a dark blue or black micro-floral print ladies shirt will go well with a light blue stripe skirt.

  1. Animal print: The animal prints look good in their natural colour so, they are hard to match. Mostly you will find people wearing only one print at a time. Animal prints can be matched with same or similar prints in a different colour tone. For example; a natural brown leopard print top will look good with a dark brown leopard print skirt.

Print on print fashion is a risky trend. Hope with the above tips you will be able to unlock the print or print fashion mystery.

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