Travel Guide for San Diego

Travel Guide for San Diego

If you’ve never been to San Diego and are planning your first trip, you are in for a treat. This fantastic city will enchant and excite you. It has something for everyone, but this can mean that you feel overwhelmed if you haven’t made an itinerary before your trip. Although please note, any itinerary should be loose. This is the surfing city after all, and the vibe is contagious.

To make the most of your stay, here’s a travel guide for San Diego. With hints and tips, you’ll be able to have a trip that exceeds your expectations.

1. Where to stay?

The beaches are San Diego’s crowning glory, and so it makes sense to stay at a beachside location so that you can take advantage of the surf – if that floats your boat. If your stay in San Diego is to visit the big attractions with kids such as the zoo and SeaWorld and Legoland, you may be better staying in one of the hotels on Interstate 8 – a more cost-efficient option for you that means you won’t have to do so much traveling. There are also many Airbnb properties throughout the city’s neighborhoods for you to choose from. Your accommodation choice should be guided by the activities you want to do.

TIP: Avoid paying full entrance fee for the main attractions by booking online in advance. It’s always worth your time researching for offers.

2. What to eat?

There is a wealth of opportunities to eat sublime food in San Diego. Every district has hidden gems that offer fine examples of the local cuisine and if you aren’t familiar with the area it can be hard to find good recommendations. If you’re having a hard time finding restaurant recommendations you can search Yelp or look for a local tour company in the area. For example, So Diego Tours has a list of restaurants at Seaport Village for visitors to check out and see what restaurant works best for them

3. What to do?

The temptation may be to sit back and relax in one of the beach bars, but if you do so, you risk missing out on some great adventures. Whether you prefer to see San Diego by boat, rent a bike, or hire a convertible, there are beach communities that you should explore. Check out Pacific, Coronado, and Mission beaches. One often missed destination is the Cabrillo National Monument at Point Loma; it’s worth going there for their tide pools and a view that will blow your mind.

TIP: Unless you are coming to San Diego specifically for the Comic-Con International, it’s best to avoid the city. It gets very busy and congested – everywhere.

San Diego is one of those cities that once you visit for the first time, you’ll want to keep on returning. There are amazing museums, galleries, and beaches, which showcases the history entwined with contemporary attractions, making San Diego a place where there really is something for everyone.

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