Trends in Design This 2019 Summer

Trends in Design This 2019 Summer

While the summer will mean vacations, and days out for most, unfortunately, for many people, they don’t have the luxury of this due to work commitments. However, don’t let the idea of being in work all summer get you down because there are plenty of ways that you can improve your work environment.


You can make your workspace – whether this is a home or work office – feel more vibrant, colorful, and a productive space that you won’t mind going into work every day. However, before you start splashing paint on the wall, it’s good to take some time to research and find inspiration from the most popular trends in design this summer that you could incorporate.


Mix and Match Patterns


The first design trend for 2019 worth thinking about is mixing and matching patterns. This is a great way to create an appealing contrast in your space, and it’s also ideal for those who are design forward. For mix and match patterns to work, you should be keeping the color palette the same in terms of tone so that it balances out visually. When introducing pattern, perhaps stick to doing so with items like wallpaper or a rug.


Recycled Kitchen


If you have any outdoor space that you would like to bring alive, consider trying the recycled kitchen theme. As it probably sounds, the focus of this theme is sustainability, so recycled materials are used to create products that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable.


You could create a Florida room style outdoor kitchen, and use sustainable materials in the process. Get a professional to come and look at your space, so you know how to make it happen.




What is the first thing you feel when you walk into a space and are warmly greeted by plants? It’s most likely a pleasant feeling unless you aren’t too fond of them. Plants are a great addition to any space as they purify the air as well as bring the outdoors in. Indoor plants are also a good design feature as they can generally lift your mood.


If you aren’t fond of looking after plants, then you could go for plant prints instead. Another idea is to use emerald greens as well as deep moody tones to give your space an earthy feel.




Carrying on from the outdoor theme, for people who are beach enthusiasts, this may be an attractive design trend. It can help you create a beach feeling through the colors, textures, materials. The good thing about this design trend is that you can include products that are made from sustainable materials such as wood, seagrass, sustainable cotton, or rattan. With this look, you get a double win as it’s both green and beautiful.




It can seem as though most design trends focus on less is more; however, this isn’t the case. There are trends for those who believe in big and bright statement designs too. A great example is maximalism, which could look like bookcases full of bright and colorful books as well as candles placed in different areas. If you’re a fan of color, this is a chance to use every one under the rainbow and transform your space into one that’s vibrant.



To achieve a mid-century design, you should be exploring things like simplicity and sleek lines. It is a design trend that blends with minimalist looks and can also be classed as timeless. A few tips for creating a mid-century design look are to limit your color palette to just a few and let the shapes take the spotlight. Lastly, don’t forget to use textures, whether it be a crystal chandelier or statement headboard.


Nordic Retreat


Ultimate relaxation is a look that can be created with the Nordic retreat layout. It’s one that can give you an ambiance of serenity as well as make your space look stylish. Some design elements of the Nordic retreat trend are layering with different textures so that the look has some depth. In more practical terms, you want to use neutral colors like cream and materials like wool, sheepskin, and earthenware.




In this age of minimalism, design trends tend to be anti-clutter. This is because there is a strong pull towards functional pieces as opposed to numerous items that end up inhabiting valuable space. This especially works well in office spaces as you want to avoid anything that could increase the risk of accidents. Also, clear spaces tend to help you think better, whereas clutter can increase stress levels.


To achieve a minimalistic look, choose neutral color palettes such as a muted grey or light cappuccino. Also, know that lighting is a significant part of minimalist design, so utilize as much natural light as you can.


Retro Fusion


Not everyone is into modern design as some appreciate design trends that have come and gone. If you’re one of those people who happens to have an old soul, then you should look into the retro fusion trend as it recreates mid-century interiors and designs. You’ll find some color palettes from the 70s, as well as 50s signature furniture styles too. Some specific colors one can use are mustard, tan, and watch green. Materials that do well with this design trend are velvet, wood, and buff leather.


Raw and Unfinished


For a more classic design, raw and unfinished is an ideal option. Ensure the pieces that you get are well made and good quality so that they last. The goal should be to look for pieces that are well made but have an unfinished look, whether it be shutters, a table or chairs. Other characteristics of this design include raw concrete surfaces and unfinished walls.


Design is a powerful tool that can be used to transform atmospheres as well as lift the moods of people in different spaces. For this reason, it’s crucial that you choose a design that helps you meet your objectives for any given space. Hopefully, the above article has helped you do this.

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