Vaping at Festivals

Vaping at Festivals

Festivals! Are you prepared?

It’s that time of the year when our longed for holidays abroad become reality, the long Summer evenings are spent catching up with friends for cocktails after work, and your long awaited festival passes finally land on your doormat. Festival are not only about celebrating your most desired genre on music, and supporting your favourite band…but it’s about getting your festival back-pack prepared and packing your festival must-haves.

Here is a hitlist of essentials to take to this year’s festivals;

Flip-flops AND wellies – The two most important pieces of footwear you could never survive without during your days spent raving and camping. With the unpredictable British weather, make sure you pack both!

Sunhat – Be it a sexy straw hat or a trendy trilby, a sunhat will not only protect you from the sun and keep you dry in the rain, but can hide unkempt hair as well as making you look uber stylish. Take a hat makes a statement to make sure you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Layered clothing – Dressing for festivals can be challenging due to the change in weather, so make sure you take lots of light layers that you can take off when it’s hot and pile on when it’s cold. Travel light, mix and match your layers.

Hero’ products – We all have those key items that we cannot live without, be it dry shampoo, deodorant, hair bands or hand sanitizer…the list is endless. Keep your must-haves to a minimum and buy pocket-size eco-friendly products.

E-cigarettes – Since the rise of e-cigs, the vaping army are choosing these as an alternative to smoking. With no tobacco or tar and less harmful chemicals, e-cigs now come in a range of different shapes, sizes and flavours which can be used as a guilt-free and odourless way to get your nicotine fix. TRUVAPE e-cigarette have a range of disposable products called TRU SIMPLES which come in 2 flavours, classic tobacco and menthol and do not need to be charged electronically, which is the perfect solution to vaping on the move.

Tickets & passes – The last and most important essential item on your list is your tickets, VIP passes and any other confirmation slips you may need to gain entry into venues and areas you’ve bought access to. Keep them safe in a passport document wallet which can be packed lightly, also take e-copies and screenshots on your mobile phone as back up.

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