Versatile Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Woman Should Have

Versatile Fashion Accessories Every Stylish Woman Should Have

There are plenty of reasons why stylish women love fashion accessories. For one, these accessories can complete and enhance your look. But unless you have money to burn or you have an appetite for fashion risks, you should avoid spending too much money on these things. You only need a few pieces that are considered essentials in a fashionista’s collection.


Here are fashion accessories that are well worth the splurge particularly when you are building a wardrobe that can go from winter to summer, day to night, and office to club.


Always have at least one pair of black, brown and beige pumps, and perhaps two or more in vibrant colors, in your shoe closet. You cannot go wrong with pumps, which come in square, round, and pointy styles, because these can make the wearer look both smart and sexy depending on the outfit.


Go for simple ballet slippers, doll shoes, and sandals for your collection of flats. You can even bring fold-up ballet slippers in your bag so that your feet can take a breather from the high-heeled pumps and stiletto heels you wear in the office. You can personalize your flats with one or two personalized clip-ons, which are becoming popular fashion accessories, with your favorite symbol or your initials.

Diamonds and Pearls

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend while pearls are her trusty companions. You can pair diamonds and pearls with almost every ensemble in your wardrobe, from the contemporary favorite of blue jeans-and-crisp white shirt – think of Princess Diana – to the classic evening gown and little black dress. You should invest in the real thing, even when it’s just a pair of diamond stud earrings and a single or multi-strand pearl necklace.

Structured Bag

While a floppy bag that can stretch to accommodate as many items as possible is a must, you have to invest on a high-quality structured bag – or two. Choose a leather structured bag in medium size with a sturdy top handle and hardware, which you can use in the office, when you’re out on dates, and even when going out with your girls on a Saturday afternoon.

A Formal Clutch

This is an essential item for your formal events and hot dates. You can place your necessities, such as your smartphone, wallet, and makeup essentials, in an elegant clutch – truly, the perfect accessory to carry everything you need for a special evening.

A Collection of Belts

As Aubrey Hepburn has shown many times, the right belt can turn a simple dress into a head-turner because it adds pizzazz to your outfit and creates a feminine curve. You will be surprised at the transformation from sloppy to sleek with the addition of a belt, be it a thin, medium, or wide belt with or without embellishments.

You should also have two or more bold cocktail rings with colorful stones, thick bracelets in various materials, and metal watches in your collection. When you have all these accessories, you already have everything that you will require to always look fabulous.

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