Watches for the Workplace: Accentuating a Professional Look

Watches for the Workplace: Accentuating a Professional Look

Things are starting to look up for British job seekers, as the employment market has showcased marked improvement during the first financial quarter. More specifically, the national unemployment rate fell to an impressive 6.6%, with just 2.16 million citizens continuing their search for work. This is great news, as a growing number of households can now benefit from increased disposable income and make more positive plans for the future.

Businessmans Watch1 Watches for the Workplace: Accentuating a Professional Look

This also has a positive impact on the retails sector, as newly employed members of society flock to their local high street to invest in new clothes and professional attire to the workplace. Those with a little extra money may also want to purchase a new watch to accompany their outfits, and one which ideally makes a statement about their personality and unique sense of style. Accentuating a professional image with a watch can pose challenges, however, so consider the following steps before making a purchase: –

  1.   Avoid Cheap and Ostentatious Imitation Watches 

There is a considerable demand for imitation designer items in 2014, as people strive to purchase supposedly stylish accessories for a reduced price. Depending on the nature and status of your new job role, however, it may well be obvious that the neatly presented imitation Rolex that you are wearing on your wrist is little more than an inexpensive fake. This may perhaps reveal a negative and less than flattering aspect of your personality, as you could be perceived by others as lacking in substance and placing too much in stock in appearance and polish.

  1. Strike the Balance between Understated Style and Flair

With this point in mind, it is crucial that you invest in a watch that strikes an ideal balance between understated style and genuine flair. After all, the typical workplace is renowned as a breeding ground for jealousy and resentment, and your decision to invest in a stylish and eye-catching designer timepiece may well make you are target for your insecure colleagues. To avoid this, strive to select a watch that is compatible with your choice of professional attire, as this will help to create a stylish and understated outfit that does not draw unnecessary attention or hostility from those around you.

  1. Remember the Importance of Durability and Value for Money

Ultimately , your quest for style should never come at the expense of quality or value. Purchasing a durable and high quality watch should be seen as an investment, especially when you visit a genuinely reputable supplier such as Market Cross Jewellers. This ensures that your watch will deliver value for money, while it also enables you to wear a functional timepiece that will last for an age and provide a wonderful addition to your workplace attire. So long as your fashion tastes do not change too radically over time, your watch can become a crucial part of your professional image.




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