Wedding Trends for 2018

Wedding Trends for 2018

Although some people prefer to stick to wedding traditions, you might decide to follow the latest wedding trends if you want to stand out and modernize your wedding. Here are some of the trends that you should consider:


Ultraviolet Theme

The wedding color of the year is a big indicator of what is to come in wedding trends. In 2017, the color was green and many brides opted for green gowns, bouquets, and décor. This year, you should expect to see purple flowers and table décor such as crystals, coasters, and napkins.


If you want to mix colors, you should consider gold because ultraviolet looks great alongside it. You can also choose ultraviolet outfits for your wedding such as lace bridesmaid dresses & lace gowns | Azazie.


Dramatic Backdrops



If you want to have an outdoor wedding, ceremony backdrops are becoming more and more creative. You can have dramatic escort card displays, photo booth backdrops, and food station backdrops if you want show stopping additions. You can opt for commissioned murals, boxwood walls, or macramé hangings with floral accents. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is visually appealing and draws the eye to itself.


Creative Signage

Signs are not only necessary, but they can also be fun. They have a way of getting the guests talking and adding a personal touch to your wedding. In addition to witty directional signage, you should also place the lyrics to your favorite song or a segment of your vows on display near the cake table or photo booth. Mirrors, faux marble, and record albums are great alternatives to chalkboards and standard wood.


Interactive Eats and Keep it Local

If your guests are moving around, they will have a chance to interact and have fun while trying new foods. If you are having a Sunday morning wedding, you can opt for a juice bar and ask the guests to mix their own drinks. On the other hand, you can have tequila and tacos station for a late night bite and drink.


You can ask your caterer to suggest ideas that will allow you to display where you come from or celebrate the tastes that you enjoy as a couple. If you want to keep it local, you should hire caterers from your local restaurant or buy sweets such as bulk hard candy from Sweet Services. If you want to eat nontraditional wedding food, you can ask your local burger joint to deliver burgers to your wedding venue.


Bring Back Punch

Open bars and signature drinks are not going anywhere but punch is making a big comeback this wedding year. Whether you want to keep the guests entertained or just want to keep an eye on beverage and food costs, you should try to include punch tables at your wedding. Are you having your wedding outside? You should consider serving your guests punch as soon as they arrive and make sure that the punch bowl is full during dancing and desert.


Play New Music

Although live music is always appealing, you should know that digital entertainment options are always evolving. You can keep the guests on their feet by having a pair of dueling DJs as entertainers. They can have a friendly competition and pass beats to each other to see who can keep the crowd dancing.


You should also consider inviting live musicians who will play along with your DJ. To keep your family and friends involved from the beginning, you can ask them to help you to tailor the playlist to match the guest’s taste of music without compromising on your personal taste.


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