What makes London one of the best Holiday Destinations? Top 9 Reasons to Add London to Your Travel Bucket List

What makes London one of the best Holiday Destinations? Top 9 Reasons to Add London to Your Travel Bucket List

England is a country that is home to some of the most beautiful places and cities to visit. The country is filled with majestic castles, beautiful sceneries, and historical palaces of kings and queens. Apart from this, its culture and museums are explored by tourists from across the world each year. One of the favorite places or cities for tourists visiting England is London. Considered as one of the largest cities in the world, London today is a hub for travelers and explorers from around the world. The city is filled with amazing places such as restaurants, bars, etc. There are a lot of reasons that make London one of the best holiday destinations. Let’s explore some.


  1. Breathtaking performances at Shakespeare at the Globe: London’s performance center scene is broad, and the West End has a work of art and contemporary yield to equal some other significant city, yet as the nation that brought the world William Shakespeare, maybe you ought to meander farther south and go to the Globe. In case on your trip to London, you’re wondering where to store your luggage. You can make use of various facilities available to left luggage kings cross and other stations of London. Shakespeare’s Globe is a meticulously remade variant of the first Elizabethan playhouse, displaying talks, visits and shows to help its conventional creations. Despite the fact that the Royal Shakespeare Company is situated in the dramatist’s home of Stratford-upon-Avon, it has reliably had a London presence, with creations occurring over the capital.


  1. The city’s amazing bar culture: It’s anything but difficult to taunt British bar culture. Nonetheless, take care of business, and it is magnificent. English lager is as fluctuated, diverse and heavenly as it’s ever been, and on the off chance that you can locate a little alcove of a decent bar, get a round in, and participate in that sublimely British side interest of purchasing a parcel of crisps to open up and share in the table, scarcely any things can coordinate it. You can always visit the George in London Bridge to appreciate a similar bar Shakespeare did in his time. The city’s best Irish bar or the Grade II- The Old Blythe Tavern in Catford for recorded Spaniards Inn in Hampstead for quality British food.


  1. Architecture that is beyond imagination: Given London’s set of experiences, it’s unimaginably simple to choose dazzling engineering all through the city. Christ Church, inverse Spitalfields market, and Greenwich’s rambling Royal Naval College exhibit London’s Baroque engineering, in the capital the Gothic Revival can be seen at St Pancras train station and 33-35 Eastcheap – R.L. Roumieu’s vinegar stockroom presently home to Black Sheep Coffee.


  1. A treat to street food lovers: The capital offers stunning road food, dinner clubs and cafés for each spending plan and inclination. In case of luggage storage, there are different facilities available at London tube stations, so you can store left luggage kings cross station and make the most of your time while traveling to London. Ward Market and Exmouth Market offer probably the best road food and fixings, yet in the event that you need to go hard and fast, The Ledbury, Lyle’s and The Clove Club and their advanced British menus are positioned among the main 50 cafés on the planet.


  1. Enjoy world-class sports: The west of the city is home to a portion of the game’s most famous settings. The world’s most prominent tennis players need to play at Wimbledon, footballers at Wembley and rugby players at Twickenham, and no cricket ground on the planet has a similar gravitas as Lord’s. The four scenes joined have 550 years of world class game to their name, and all give completely heavenly events that trump whatever else in worldwide game.


  1. The best of fashion week: While Savile Row remains the home of the best tailors on the planet, it is not, at this point the go-to for city young men and specialists. With a move in the customer and the business, anybody can go to Savile Row and get had what it takes. Don’t worry, if you are carrying heavy bags along. You can always left luggage kings cross and make the most of your time in the city without worrying about your bags all the time. London’s style weeks – womenswear and menswear – are presently the most dynamic on the planet, somewhat down to the endeavors of the British Fashion Council and youthful creators in London. From road style to couture, no city can coordinate this for fashion variety.


  1. Art that captures the soul: There are historical centers and presentation spaces everywhere on the globe, however it’s difficult to think about a city that rivals London with regards to the measure of fabulous workmanship and displays promptly accessible to visit for nothing. The British Museum, the V&A, Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery, the Natural History Museum, the Wallace Collection and a lot more don’t cost a penny to visit. Factor in workmanship fairs, for example, Frieze London, just as little, autonomous craftsmanship spaces, and it takes some beating.


  1. Skyline that captures a heartbeat: The London horizon is notable with grand structures like St Paul’s Cathedral which have stood the trial of time; however new structures like The Shard (otherwise called the Shard of Glass and Shard London Bridge) have entered the fight, guaranteeing that there are motivations to return and perceive how present day London is taking up. Kings Cross station offers great facilities to store your luggage, make sure if you are carrying heavy bags. You can always left luggage kings cross station at less prices. The Shard alongside the London Eye offers extraordinary perspectives on the city however there are likewise numerous spots along The Thames where you can sit and take in the magnificence of the city.


  1. Best options to shop: Regardless of what style of shopping you love, you will think that it’s everything at different retail establishments in London. From the boutique idea of the West End to the significant lead stores on Oxford Street, London bristles with shopping openings. There are additionally a lot of business sectors like Portobello Road in Notting Hill where you can discover a sample of customary or nearby London.

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