Why Women Live Longer than Men?

Why Women Live Longer than Men?

While we live in our different communities with different cultures and affiliations one might have discovered that women actually live longer than their male counterparts. There are reasons why it turns out that way.

This article will highlight contributing factors to the thesis. We might not highlight all of them but the few that we are going to talk about will give you an idea why the theory is relevant.

The United Nations highlighted that women live on an average of 4.5 years longer than men. This means that women can live 4 years more than men according to the UN world data.

Being a man comes with many responsibilities and mental stress can also lead to low life expectancy. To reduce your stress level you can play online casino games via casinoza online casino and have fun playing table games and online slots for real money.

The Women’s Advantage Explained

The scientific evidence that is available shows that the differences in hormones and chromosomes have contributed to the longevity of females over males. Another reason why women live longer is that they contain an X extra chromosome which men don’t have. Men only carry one chromosome and women have two.

Moreover, women have another advantage over men as they are able to fight infections or any diseases. According to Dr Mamun, women tend to experience fewer bacterial and viral infections than men. This alone can tell you why our mothers and sisters live long, they might look weak on the outside but they have the strongest immune system.

Lifestyle help Women Live Longer

Males and females have different lifestyle approaches and the way both sexes live their lives contributes massively to how long they live.

Men live an aggressive lifestyle, unlike women. The former participate in riskier activities unlike the latter. For an example, men go around during late hours or sit on the computer play best casino payouts for fun, take extreme sports and risks.

Eating habits can be something that can be overlooked by many people when it comes to healthy living. Most males opt for red meat instead of healthy vegetables that build the immune system. Bad consumption of food can lead to the arousing of diseases such as cancer and many others.

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