Winter Date Ideas

Winter Date Ideas

With the festive season well on its way, there are plenty of great things to do on dates. Here are a few top picks to make the most of the wintertime:

1.      Sledding

A popular activity when the weather is right, sledding is a fun relaxed-sport to enjoy together. A big enough sled can comfortably fit two people, and if there isn’t heavy snowfall, indoor centers often have sledding, skiing, and ice-skating facilities. If you live in an area with enough snowfall, you can find a nice sledding spot yourself, just make sure you have a car that is capable of handling the snowy drive. Consider renting a four-wheel-drive or truck, as these kinds of vehicles are great in snow.

2.      Christmas Markets

Nothing beats the festive atmosphere of a Christmas market. It is here where you will find lots of festive décor, seasonal food and drinks, and a great atmosphere. Markets often have food and drink stands, so you can take your pick of culinary choices and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa while you browse the hand-made crafts stalls.

3.      Winter Wonderland

Winter can be beautiful, so go in search of your very own ‘Wonderland’. A stroll through a picturesque location together is a great option for the nature-lovers, just remember to wrap up warm. If you don’t live anywhere close to nature, perhaps its time to go on a trip!

4.      Get Crafty

Winter boasts lots of crafts to enjoy together, and one of the most popular picks is building gingerbread houses. A fun and creative way to enjoy an evening, you can also make it competitive. If you don’t fancy baking your own gingerbread, it’s easy to find ready-made kits so you can start building quick.

5.      A Cozy Night In

When the cold is just too cold, it is time to stay indoors. Winter is the perfect season for snuggling up together under blankets, with a hot drink – don’t forget the marshmallows! Pick out your favorite films together and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

6.      Building Snowmen

Sometimes you need to enjoy being a kid again, and getting out into the snow and building snowmen is the perfect way to have a fun and silly time together. Just be careful, it might turn into a snowball fight, so maybe practice your aim first!

7.      A Romantic Dinner Date

Nothing beats the classic dinner date, even in winter. After a long day shopping for Christmas presents – or building snowmen! – having a meal together is a great way to spend the evening. It gets dark earlier in winter, which means the perfect opportunity to get out the candles. Open your favorite bottle of wine and have a home-cooked meal or venture out and discover a new restaurant. Food is always a great way to bring people together.

Winter is the perfect season to add extra sparkle to your day, no matter what you choose to do on your date. Wrap up warm and have fun!

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