Your Guide To Mastering Curly Hair 

Your Guide To Mastering Curly Hair 

Suppose you were blessed enough to be born with natural curls, well, lucky you! There are so many products on the market that people spend a small fortune on to get gorgeous waves, tresses, or even tight curls. Depending on your age, you may have gotten a permanent curl in the eighties or nineties, and well, guess what, plenty of people still do! But, many people born with beautiful, natural curls understand all too well the flip side of the coin. 


While curly hair is beautiful, it can sometimes feel like a curse! It takes a lot more tender, loving care to keep it looking healthy, frizz-free, and manageable. So, if you’re in Camp Natural Curls and still haven’t figured out some easy and quick ways to let your natural waves glow, this list is for you. Let’s take a look at some easy and time-saving things you can do to keep your curls looking their very best. 




You may have heard of “No Shampoo” movements over the last few years. They gained some traction, but many people find it hard to go through that rough patch of greasy hair as your body hair readjusts to not being stripped of its natural oils with every shampoo. But, “Co-Washing,” which is a term for only washing your hair with conditioner, can do wonders for your naturally curly hair. If you’re a mother of a child with curly hair, start now, so those curls stay healthy and beautiful their entire life, and they never have to endure the awkward phase! But if you’re starting with co-washing, be prepared; there’s a learning curve – that absolutely pays off.


Say No To Towels


Not the prettiest term in the world, “plopping” refers to not letting a rough towel touch your head when you first get out of the shower. Instead, you want to literally “plop” your wet hair on top of your head and secure it with a clip to let it dry. Some people like to plop with an old t-shirt to help soak up wetness and moisture a little faster. The purpose of plopping is to stop the towel from sucking essential moisture out of your curls and creating frizz in the process. It can take some getting used to, but it pays to plop. 


Creams and Mousses 


We’ve all seen a woman with gorgeous natural curls and ask her what she uses; we run out and buy it and guess what? It did nothing for our curls. It’s worth taking a quiz online to find out what type of curls you actually have. Yes, there are varying levels of curls, and it’s essential to know your own. Once armed with this information, you’ll be able to decide better what direction – cream or mousse – you want to go in. Once your hair is somewhat damp (not try) after showering, put some product in and scrunch from the bottom up. Many people like to hang their heads facing the ground to get maximum scrunch effect when using the product. But, the importance here is mainly to lock in the moisture and really give structure to your curls. Don’t forget to add a conditioning and moisturizing oil to your curls after they’ve completely dried to keep them frizz-free, too.


Tools Of The Trade


Having curly hair means it’s best to let your hair air dry. You’re going to get the best-looking curls this way unless you’re one of those magical unicorns that have been able to master how to use a diffuser. A diffuser is a particular type of blow dryer that keeps curls intact and frizz-free. If you’re not the type who likes walking out of the door with wet hair, it’s worth it to watch some youtube how-to videos on diffusing your hair or play with one until you figure it out. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll knock it out of the park with killer curls the first time. Additionally, when it comes to hair tools, make sure you’re using the appropriate type of brush. Curly-haired people benefit best from combs like a tooth comb to keep curls looking perfect. 


So, those are just some beginners tips to getting the most out of your beautiful curls, so you can lay down the flat iron and honor the gorgeous hair you were meant to have! Have fun!

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